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Hooray Foods’ Rapid Expansion and Presentation of New Plant-Based Bacon

New bacon for vegans

Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffman is switching completely to plant-based meat alternatives. He has agreed to help a young vegan bacon company and is ready to develop the product.

To this day, Hoffman is one of the financial backers of Hooray Foods, which now couldn’t be happier with a serious investment of $2.7 million.

New bacon for vegans

New Plant-Based Bacon

This company creates plant-based bacon that resembles real bacon both in the way it’s made and in the way it tastes. The real vegan substitute is made from a mixture of coconut oil, rice flour, and liquid smoke.

The investment suggests the company can now continue its growth after a successful launch in more than 1,000 stores across the U.S.

The vegan bacon brand has already sold more than two million meat products, statistics say.

Hoffmann says he wants to continue to support the up-and-coming Hooray Foods company. He expects the product to become popular in the global market.

The story at Dunkin’

The story at Dunkin

Hoffman has had many accomplishments during his time at Dunkin’. First of all, he introduced the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich to the market. The businessman also held senior positions at McDonald’s.

About the launch of the Beyond sandwich at Dunkin’ in 2019, Hoffmann said in an interview. He is confident that humanity is moving toward a better and more conscious future. Going forward, companies should consider plant-based proteins.

Dunkin has added the Beyond sausage sandwich to its vegan offerings. And the company’s offerings also include vegan bagels and cupcakes.

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