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How a Vegan Diet Affects Your Intelligence and Brain Activity

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Veganism has a long ancient history and teaches us mercifulness and kindness. It’s not a secret that animal farming, animal breeding and animal exploitation brings a lot of pain and suffering to innocent creatures and people involved.

Veganism is a lifestyle whose primary goal is the exclusion of all animal-based products and the ability to live a full, cruelty-free life. A novice vegan leans how to avoid consuming of animal products and be well with plant-based products only, to lower his carbon footprint, to live in harmony with the planet and to make his life as king as possible.

These goals bring a lot of personal and external benefits that cannot be counted. Cruelty-free lifestyle, animal well-being, great health, positive impact on the environment are only a few of them. In general, people who maintain a vegan lifestyle live happier and greater lives than the ones who don’t.

It’s not only about the health benefits of veganism or ecology questions. Excluding animal products from your ration gives a person a great feeling that not a single creature or animal was hurt or killed just to appease your hunger.

Veganism Is a Lifestyle

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A lot of debates and scientific controversies were taken to find out how good veganism is for human health. Results were controversial because nutrition is the most important part of human life. At the first sight, replacing fatty and filled with antibiotics meat products with whole grains and vegetables looks like a great idea but plant-based ration needs to be deeply and precisely considered. Vegan ration needs to be abundant with all needed nutrients and microelements to provide a human with all necessary nutritious elements.

It is hard to design and maintain a truly-full vegan ration because we used to gain nutrients and microelements from animal products such as meat, dairy and eggs. A vegan needs to find untraditional and unaccustomed ways of how he can get rare nutrients such as B12 vitamins or Omega3 ration.

Technological Progress and Veganism

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Considering the level of technological progress vegan can gain all the necessary nutrients both naturally and artificially. But when it does not happen, human health can suffer a lot.

Such a problem has caused numerous concerns about the healthiness of veganism and its effects on human health. There’s no complex study taken to find how healthy veganism is but many scientific studies prove that a sustainable, full, and well-maintained vegan ration is way healthier than the modern western diet which includes vast amounts of processed, semi-finished, refined, fried, salted, and sugared products.

Today’s meat products may contain healthy nutrients such as Omega3 acids, B12 vitamins, and folates necessary for humans, but their production characteristics equal all conceivable benefits to zero. Animal farmers use huge amounts of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals during the animal herding to prevent the development of diseases and make animals grow faster. Numerous food supplements and chemicals are used to create over-nutritious and growth-promoting fodders. All these artificial compounds cause serious harm to human health leaving no doubt that animal products cannot be called healthy or nutritious.

The problem is, that prolonged veganism’s effect on the brain condition and intelligence level hasn’t been studied properly yet leaving a lot of concern about the sustainability and healthiness of such a lifestyle.

Obviously, it is a very important question even though a modern diet rich in animal and processed products and junk-food is undoubtedly unhealthy and harmful for any human being.

Which Nutrients Are Hard to Be Gained by Maintaining a Vegan Diet

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A well-balanced vegan ration consists of many healthy and nutritious products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. They provide a human with all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and many other nutrients. They’re healthy, they cleanse and purify our bodies while enriching us with vitamins, minerals, and microelements. But some nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, K2, B12, Iron, and Omega3 fatty acids are very hard to be gained from plant-based products. But no one said that it is impossible.


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Iodine is one of the most important microelements which is responsible for brain and body growth. Usually, humans gain iodine from dairy and meat but despite that, nearly a third part of the Earth’s population experiences the lack of this vitally important nutrient. Vegans are more likely to get enough iodine because they consume many unaccustomed foods such as green beans, seaweed, whole grains, strawberries and organically-cooked potatoes.


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Iron is responsible for the main brain functions such as memory, hormones generation and overall development. Although iron is needed for the creation of red blood cells, its role in brain functioning is outstanding. Vegans gain iron as well as omnivorous humans do but iron which is gained from plant-based products is much harder to be absorbed. Statistic studies witness that vegan doesn’t suffer from the iron deficit but their iron reserves are way smaller than the omnivores’.


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The Zinc’s most important role lies in the providing of cell signaling inside our brain. But unfortunately, nearly half of all vegans experience a harsh lack of this integral nutrient. Zinc’s amounts are low in plant products and animal products significantly outstand them. Zinc is a rare nutrient and it’s hard to keep the right zinc balance in the organism by maintaining even a well-balanced and full vegan diet. Nutrition supplements can help you to receive the needed amounts of zinc. Such common for vegan diet products as chickpeas, legumes, chia seeds, walnuts, lentils, and whole grains include big amounts of zinc. If you will include some of these products in your diet daily, you will be able to forget about the zinc deficit.


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Omega3 fatty acids play one of the most important roles in brain functioning and development. Regular intake of Omega3 fatty acids provides the development and the creation of cell membranes, nerves’ composition, synapses, neural signaling, and other brain compounds which are key to its functioning and simply, living. Those acids are almost absent in the vegan ration so people who have chosen to maintain a vegan lifestyle could face a serious problem. But this problem concerns all. Omnivores, vegans, and vegetarians don’t consume enough Omega3 fatty acids because this vitally important nutrient is present only in a few, rare food products: fatty fish such as salmon, cod, and herring and in pastured, homegrown animals such as goat and sheep.

But vegans are in a better position than other people are. The vegan ration is abundant with unaccustomed and rare foods such as whole grains, chickpeas, chia seeds, walnuts, soybeans, seaweed and algae, flaxseeds, kidney beans, and cashew nuts which contain a competitive with animal products numbers of Omega3 fatty acids.

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A helps us to analyze and perceive the outer world. Most children experience eye troubles due to the lack of A vitamin. We all have heard about the importance of eating carrots and other vegetables and fruits. And it is true. Vegans are less likely to experience eye troubles than omnivores due to big amounts of carrot, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and spring greens which they usually consume.

But plant foods provide vitamin A in other ways than animal-based products do. Plant-based foods are rich in carotenoids which will be transformed into vitamin A during digesting. Carotenoids make vitamin A digestion much harder and vegan needs to consume really big numbers of vegetables and greens to gain the necessary amount of the A vitamin.

One more important matter should be mentioned. Many of us have heard that vegans may suffer from low brain cholesterol levels due to the cholesterol absence in most of plant-based products. The trick is that our brain produces cholesterol out of consumed nutrients. Any nutrient can serve as the building material: from protein to unsaturated fat. A modern omnivorous diet that is abundant with bad cholesterol causes irreversible and serious damage to the brain cells and overall health condition in general.

Veganism and Humans Intelligence

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Looking at the mentioned paras it is hard to tell how exactly vegan diet affects intelligence and brain activity but it is plain to see that a well-balanced and proper vegan ration can be a healthier source of all needed nutrients and microelements than an omnivorous diet. A modern diet that includes varied animal-based products is worse than plant-based nutrition for numerous reasons. Many statistics and medical studies show that people who maintain a «traditional» omnivorous diet do not receive all needed nutrients and microelements in the right quantities.

A vegan diet has several obvious advantages comparing with animal-based diets such as the absence of bad cholesterol, low quantities of saturated fats, abundance with vitamins and microelements such as phosphorus, iron and Vitamin A, and fiber.

According to statistical studies, people with higher IQ levels chose plant-based nutrition. This is caused by a higher rate of long-term thinking, increased empathy levels, and a high level of self-awareness. People who maintain a plant-based diet are highly concerned about animal welfare and the environmental state of our planet.

The UK had launched a wide-scale study to find out whether vegan parents have healthy children. It is truly possible under the condition that vegan parents maintain a well-balanced and healthy vegan diet.

A Vegan Diet Can Cure Depression

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Medical research has found that animal products are «heavy» for our brains and mentality. Feeling of self-righteousness and clear conscience can perform a miracle. People who don’t have the parts of slaughtered animals on their plates are considered as happier people with lower mental stress levels. Another question lies in the fact that many vegans suffer from environmental anxiety – the feeling that witnesses the preoccupation about the environmental state of our planet and animal welfare.

A higher cognitive ability had been observed among people who had consumed green leafy vegetables and a plant-based diet over a long time. Folates, phosphorus, carotenes, and E vitamin are responsible for cognitive function’s increase. From this site, the vegan diet benefits our brain health a lot.

It’s enough to watch after the amounts of consumed nutrients and microelements to have healthy and active brain cells. Also, vegans and vegetarians have a lower risk of getting cardiovascular diseases such as ischemic heart disease, stroke, and insult. A plant-based diet is abundant with fiber, healthy fats, and good proteins lowering the risks of cardiovascular disease development.

Healthy vegan foods such as leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds stimulate brain activity and strengthen neuron connections and brain cells. A vegan diet can’t increase IQ levels but it serves as the ultimate source of energy and vitally important nutrients.

Vegan Ration Can Increase Your Intelligence

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In simple words, vegan ration can increase your intelligence by providing the brain with the most nutritious and efficient supplements. It’s wrong to tell that a vegan diet is a guarantee of high intellect or perfect brain health but it is way much healthier than a regular diet that includes varied animal products.

Saturated fats, sugars, salts, cholesterol, and bad fats slow down brain activity. It is scientifically proved that a diet, abundant with animal-based proteins and products causes lethargy, dullness, indolence, and reduced cognitive function. Although high-quality animal-based products such as organic yogurt, salmon, cod, and others include rare and necessary for human health nutrients, they could be replaced with healthier and environmentally-sustainable plant-based alternatives.

There are varied plant-based alternatives for animal products. Vegan butter and plant-based milk, plant-based meat substitutes, and even vegan honey are available for a mass customer. The vegan diet features not only health benefits for your brain and the body, but it also benefits your mentality and self-realization as a person who cares about the state of our planet and the well-being of all living creatures. Although it is hard to maintain a healthy and balanced vegan diet at the first sight, such a transition and lifestyle will bring a lot of pleasure and physical and mental satisfaction for any person.

The current way of life destroys our planet making our society obsessed with the idea of irrational consumption. Junk-food, fast-food, and unnaturally appetizing semi-finished and animal-based products make people consume and devour irrational amounts of harmful and unhealthy foods.

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A vegan diet doesn’t exclude the possibility of irrational and hysterical consumption since many of yesterday’s producers of animal-based producers have changed their image only to benefit from the increasing population of veganism. Green washing is common these days. And to form and develop a well-balanced, nourishing, and full vegan ration, a lot of effort should be put in.

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