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How British Herder Has Turned His Ways towards Horticulture

goodheart animal sanctuaries

British farmer who herded sheep for forty-seven years had given his animals to a Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, an animal shelter that specializes in taking care of animals who have suffered from the meat industry.

It was a hard decision to make for him according to his words. A strong bond is built between farmers and their animals making it hard to hand them over to slaughterhouses. He spoke with other farmers who shared the same experience.

Give Up Meat Herding

meat herding

Emotions ran high. Herding is a livelihood for every farmer but still, some changes could be done. Sivalingam decided to give up meat herding and turn his ways towards horticulture, undoubtedly a less cruel business. His daughter influenced him to make such a hard and fundamental decision.

Sivalingam admitted that this decision affected him very positively. He started to call the government to support plant products’ producers, especially local farmers who rely heavily on governmental support.

The meat industry is growing leaving no free lands to expand plant product production. More than a third of all agricultural lands are used to grow fodder cultures which deplete the topsoil. Animal farms and pastures pollute the environment consuming irrational amounts of natural resources such as wildlands, freshwater, and cattle fodders.

vegan leaves

Undoubtedly, Sivalingam’s choice brought something good to our planet and environment leaving no doubt that such fundamental and incredible change should and can be done even by such avid and senior farmers as Sivalingam.

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