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How Celebrities Increase the Popularity of Veganism


Veganism gained widespread popularity among all people class in recent decades and its market share has significantly grown to reach twenty-four billion dollars with nine and a half percent annual growth.

People’s awareness of the environmental impact of the meat industry, health benefits of veganism, and harmfulness of the animal-based diet had nudged many to accept a vegan lifestyle.

Celebrities had a hand in the veganism popularization. People often look up to celebrities by adopting their lifestyle and listening to their voices. Sometimes such copying causes negative effects such as unconscious consumption or promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle but in this certain case, veganism popularization brings a lot of good for the environment and our planet.

The vegan world of celebrities is represented by Joaquin Phoenix, Moby, Rooney Mara, Woodrow Tracy «Woody» Harrelson, and Christian Bale and it’s just a smaller part of vegan celebrities.

Joaquin Phoenix is the brightest veganism representative of today’s world. His recent vegan campaigns and speech for animal rights’ protection during the last Oskar ceremony had shaken the world.

Joaquin’s activity promotes veganism both on social media and real-life levels. Such a turn of events turned out to be good luck for such previously unrecognized and unstable movements such as veganism.

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