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How Global Transition to Veganism Will Change Our World?

veganism and its influence

Our planet is in the midst of a tremendous crisis caused by the unregulated and irrational consumption of animal-based products and nature’s irreplaceable resources. Our diet is responsible for vast greenhouse gas, CO2, and nitrous oxide emissions.

The benefits of meat rejection were numerously described by authors and scientists. Veganism has its featured side effects but maintaining a healthy and balanced plant-based diet can significantly improve health conditions and overall well-being. Some countries and closed communities in Eurasia are vegan or vegetarians.

The Atmosphere and Air Pollution

vegetarian countries

These substances, produced by cows and other cattle, cause intense heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and air pollution. Emission of these gases significantly worsens the climatic state of our planet and are the main factor among all anthropogenic factors which fasten Global Warming.

Transport’s share in annual CO2 emissions equals only thirteen percent while the animal farming industry is responsible for eighteen percent share. Now, the adoption of a vegan diet is the most logical, ethical, and effective way to help our planet and stop those destructive processes which are raging now. Only a few people might have guessed what would happen if all people would become vegan and this question should be precisely considered if we want to change our world for the better.

If All People Became Vegans

becoming a vegetarian side effects
  • Global warming will slow down if all people will become vegan at the same time. Greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions will drop in radically. Such changes will let the Earth’s climate return to its natural state. Also, glaciers melting will be significantly slowed down.
  • Humanity will be able to feed everyone. Many people experience hunger every day due to the lack of natural resources and finances. Global adoption of a vegan diet will free unimaginable amounts of natural resources since cattle breeding consumes vast amounts of resources such as freshwater, wildlands, crops and fodders. Growing plant food cultures is twenty-four times more effective than cattle breeding according to statistics.
  • Wildlands would remain untouched. Great areas of wildlands and pristine rainforests will be preserved for future usage and plant growth. Now they’re used for pastures and the growth of fodders which are fed to cattle.
  • Also, great areas of pasture lands and animal farms will be freed which is more than a fifth of all the planet’s dry land.
  • A recent study taken by one of the leading science institutes had found that the adoption of a vegan diet will help us to save vast amounts of fossil fuel. For example, humanity will run off fossil fuel supplies within eighty years if keeping on maintaining its current ration. Vegan ration implementation will stretch fossil fuel supplies for two hundred and sixty years.
  • Oceans would become abundant with fish. More than eighty percent of all oceans’ biomass had been captured and killed by trawlers and fishermen. Widespread marine species such as cod, salmon, turtles, dolphins, whales, tuna, and herring could become extinct within a decade considering the growing market’s demand for seafood.
  • The balance will be restored. Human activity had caused a great imbalance in the Earth’s natural life. Some species had been bred in unrealistic proportions while other species were exterminated.

We can virtually pretend that all people became vegans but a logical question arises – what would happen to the animals if everyone would be vegans? It depends on how humanistic humanity is. Considering how we had treated animals before the remaining animals could be put down painlessly. On the other hand, the remaining animals could be released and live their lives out in nature. There’s some hope that our planet hasn’t been damaged too much to restore the balance in nature life.

Anyone could become vegan because a well-developed and balanced vegan diet is a healthy and decent way of living.

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