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How Many Spoons of Peanut Butter You Can Eat a Day?

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Peanut butter had gained the world’s recognition as a healthy and strongly-appetizing product. It can serve as a snack, pie filling, or addition to the main dish or as an independent meal. It is very hard to resist because peanut butter is appetizing and tasty food.

Maybe you will crave to eat a whole jar at once or maybe you’re strong enough to limit yourself to only a few spoons of this incredible food. But anyway, you need to know how much peanut paste you can eat a day to avoid overeating and negative health issues.

It depends on you, how much of it you can eat a day because this amount determines by your age, sex, body weight, lifestyle, health condition, and allergic profile.


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Precautions are the most important matter when it comes to peanut butter because this product has several side effects. Eating too much peanut butter paste could have possible side effects.

  • Firstly, it is abundant with fats. Those are healthy fats but they test your pancreas because it is forced to cope with all heavy and fatty products which you eat throughout the day. Two or four teaspoons of peanut butter won’t affect it badly, but if you have pancreas-related health issues, you should beware.
  • Secondly, your allergic profile may exclude the very possibility of peanut butter intake. If you’re allergic to nuts, it won’t fit you but if you’re a non-allergic person, eating too much nut butter by itself could provoke negative body reactions.
  • Thirdly, you shouldn’t eat this kind of butter in the evening or before bed because such consumption can provoke undesirable weight gain.

Peanut butter is healthy but high-calorie product so you need to be careful if you’re trying to lose weight and keep a well-balanced diet. One tablespoon of it consists of more than seventy calories.

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The recommended daily amount of peanut butter for the average person does not exceed four teaspoons or two full tablespoons. A well-balanced and healthy ration implies a moderate and rationalized diet and although peanut paste is a healthy snack and addition to your meals, the recommended amount should be precisely maintained.

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