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How Mushrooms Benefit Our Immune System


Mushrooms are magical fungi that have so many benefits and have been used in medical practices for many many decades. They have been proven to help strengthen our immune system along with many other things. Healing mushrooms are natures way of giving us the ability to help ourselves by the power of a completely natural and earth made product. Medicinal mushroom and mushrooms for immunity have been sourced and thoroughly tested by some of the leading medication developers worldwide and benefits it humans have most definitely been seen. The world of mushrooms and their purposes and benefits is one that is not understood by many within our social and economic society and thus can only be used when correctly understood.

Medicinal Mushrooms

which mushrooms are the healthiest

In many cultures mushrooms have been given the title of “power” for its ability to act as a cure to many diseases and poor health issues. Mushrooms have many benefits from brainpower boosting to hormone correcting but each type of mushrooms has its own for of “power”, each helping and aiding in different ways and for different things. The Reishi mushroom is probably one of the most well known and can often be found in health stores and pharmacies nowadays. These antiviral mushrooms are particularly known for their combat in immune system rebooting and boosting as well as its relaxing properties and have even been proven to help fight cancer cells. It is also one of the best for helping with anxiety levels, depression, and mood stabilization. It often comes in a form of a powder and can be simply drunk as a cup of tea or added to rich desserts to mask the flavor. This medicinal benefits better sleep and can even improve focus and treat ADHD and over disorders.

Which Mushroom Is Best for the Immune System?

One of the best mushrooms for boosting the immune system is defiantly the well known Shitake, it is also one of the healthiest mushrooms as it contains a large variety of vitamins and minerals crucial to keeping the immune system healthy and strong. Its high quantities of vitamins B and D help our bodies to fights diseases in the most efficient way. The enzymes found in these particular mushrooms also help us to absorb our food better, allowing our body to take in all the nutritional properties of the fuel we choose to supply our bodies with. The sheer amount of immune-boosting properties means that shitake has even been proven to help fight cancer without attacking the cancerous cells directly. There have been many clinical studies and trials done to prove all the benefits of shitake and the best part is they are tasty too and belong perfectly in Asian based stir-fry’s.

What Is the Healthiest Mushroom?

which mushroom is best for the immune system

Most mushrooms apart from the poisonous type are considered to be extremely healthy, this is because of their antioxidant powers and enrichment of nutrient-dense properties. Along with shitake and reishi which we have already discussed the oyster mushroom is not only highly rich in protein but has proven to significantly lower cholesterol and is most effective went drunk in the form of a tea. It is also a preventive measure that can be used against breast and colon cancer particularly. So when answering the question which mushrooms are the healthiest? it is impossible to say because each has there own health benefits and healing properties making them good for different things. For example, the porcini mushroom another one on the healthy list is known for its success as an anti-inflammatory as well as helping to combat the aging process, its also readily available at the most supermarket and has a distinct meaty flavor that is a delicious accompaniment to many meals.

Best Mushroom Supplements

Nowadays mushrooms themselves and their properties have been converted into supplements that often come in the form of pills just like regular medication. There are many different brands providing these sources and its hard to know what is best, however, you need to bear in mind that different mushrooms help with different things, and thus you need to look more specificity to help combat your issues or simply help strengthen and build up your immune system overall. One of the best supplements is from the Genius brand which provides a 3 in 1 combination of reishi, lions mane, and cordyceps which is the best mushroom for managing diabetes and heart health. This supplement combination has an extremely accurate and strong formula which helps strengthen the immune system, boosts energy and helps mental stability and focus.

Medicinal Mushroom List

antiviral mushrooms

Apart from the mushrooms already discussed there are many more that serve great benefits and medicinal purposes, these include:

Lions Mane

  • Brain boosting powers.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


  • Fighting inflammation.
  • Slows down cancer growth.
  • Helps with skin aging.

Turkey Tail

  • Cancer prevention and quick post-cancer recovery.
  • Improving the immune system.


  • Raises energy levels.
  • Helps libido.
  • Brings more oxygen to enhance blood flow.
  • Helps muscle recovery. Perfect for professional athletes.

All in all, mushrooms are truly nature’s magical powers and what type of cells do mushrooms have inevitably determines what their power is aimed at helping. There is no harm that taking mushrooms for medicinal purposes will cause in fact there are countless benefits that have been scientifically proven too, however, if it’s something your seriously considering it should be taken up with your doctor first in order to ensure the best results for your health and safety.

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