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How Organic Food Affects the Onset of Cancer

do vegans get less cancer

Organic food’s impact on the onset of cancer is still largely unknown. But you will be a healthier person if you favor organic food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recent study published in Jama journal claims that eating organic food can prevent the onset of cancer.

What Is the Actual Idea of the Study?

The way of research was centered on interviewing 68.946 French adults about their frequency of organic food consumption and studying their and their family’s cancer history. Also, the information like smoking habits, income level of participants and the frequency of exercises was studied too. A correlation between organic food consumption and cancer risk was found.

Research has shown that eating organic food does not prevent the development of premenopausal breast cancer, skin cancer or colorectal cancer. It’s only lowering the risk of lymphomas and postmenopausal cancer development.

Was the Study Too Restricted?

vegetarians and cancer

Factors like exercising and level of income are highly important. A person, which prefers to have a healthy life will have a lot of other factors around him, which are associated with a healthy lifestyle.

This person may adhere to a healthy culture of consumption, a healthy environment and having a good surrounding, which only increases the benefits of eating organic food, and of course, all these factors will lower the risk of cancer developing. It means that higher occupational status and higher income lead to a healthier lifestyle which excludes processed food consumption, low-quality animal products and junk-food flavoring fruits and vegetables.

Buying and consuming organic food isn’t something that is easy to do for most of people, it isn’t cheap and it costs a lot more, compared with non-organic food.

But How Organic Food Affects the Onset of Cancer?

animal products and cancer

Eating organic food can lower the risk of getting cancer. But some risk will always be. Pesticides which are present in most products could be possible causes for cancer, according to Jama’s study. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (LARC) has found three main carcinogenic pesticides which are present in non-organic products. The research was conducted on farmers and other agricultural workers, who are constantly exposed to pesticides. A non-Hodgkin lymphoma has been associated with these pesticides, so this research is solid proof of the relation between long-term exposure to these chemicals and cancer risk.

The main difference between organic and non-organic food is that organic food contains less synthetic pesticides, which are the most dangerous for human health. But it doesn’t mean that organic food is pesticide-free. Organic food only contains lesser amounts of pesticides which are less harmful to our health. The less is better when it comes to pesticides so regular organic food consumption will help you to develop your wellbeing and level up your health condition.

JAMA editorial summarized its research in one sentence: “Collected evidence indicates that the consumption of organically grown production can outweigh possible risks of cancer development”.

In simple words, we need to eat as many organic fruits and vegetables and other products as we can. It is much safer to buy organic food because it will affect your health more positively than regular food and will prevent you from the onset of certain types of cancer.

Also, cancer development depends on the amount of fruits and veggies in your diet, exercising, and the environment. The research has shown that you still will be exposed to pesticides even if you’re eating only organic food, which carries a certain risk but having a healthy lifestyle will affect positively on your health and overall well-being.

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