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How to Become a Vegan

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Veganism has exploded and spread around the globe where thousands of people have changed their entire lifestyle and diet to one that is completely plant-based, sustainable, and cruelty-free. For some the transition was easy and effortless however for others it may not be the same. The concept of becoming vegan can be quite overwhelming and thus having some extra guidance and advice is the best thing to help you become vegan. To become a vegan one first needs to understand why it is so important and what benefits the diet has to offer you, animals, and the environment.

Why Become a Vegan?

One of the most frequently asked questions for those considering veganism is why become vegan? What are the importance, benefits, and advantages and what difference will it make on my personal as opposed to the diet I am already following? The answer is quite frankly pretty simple many people become vegan for different reasons for example I became vegan to help stop animal cruelty and the torturous measures that were placed upon them in order to create food, whereas others choose veganism for health and dietary reasons on even environmental considerations. Some more reasons on why to become vegan include

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For the animals

Becoming a vegan helps contribute to stopping the exploitation of animals, for some people, this is as a result of an emotional attachment that may be felt, and for others, it’s about the facts and a stand against animal cruelty as a whole.

For your health

Veganism has many health benefits including a diverse range of all important nutrients, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol as well as lower the risk of contracting heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

For the environment

If you’re trying to lower your carbon footprint one of the greatest and most impactful things you can do is follow a plant-based diet which can help eliminate the burden the meat industry has on the environment.

How Can I Become Vegan?

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So how do you become a vegan? Many people have asked how do I become a vegan? Where do I start? The truth is there is no easy or simple way to make the transition, in most cases it is largely up to personal preference. For example, I became a vegan by going completely cold turkey and cutting out all animal products overnight, however, some people prefer to ease themselves in by slowly cutting out one food group at a time for example starting with red meat, followed by chicken than fish and so one, so really the choice is completely up to you! Veganism entails the elimination of all animal products from your diet which include dairy and eggs as well as meat and fish. One of the key things to do when becoming vegan is to do your research and read the labels. In many packaged food items animal-derived products are often hidden, even though we may think they are unnecessary even the smallest amounts caused some sort of harm, so educating yourself on the ins and outs of what is considered to be vegan can be a key factor in making your transition as smooth as possible.

How to Start Becoming a Vegan

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While transitioning to veganism is a lot about cutting things out of your diet it is also about incorporating foods so that you are getting a healthy and balanced diet in which you don’t need the nutrients that come from animal products. To make veganism as enjoyable, delicious, and easy as possible you should make sure you begin to incorporate more whole grains, this includes things such as beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and tofu. These may be new foods to you but getting to know them and their uses can help complete your meal guide. The next step in your vegan journey is to switch out your milk, swap out whole milk for plant-based alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, or any of the various other substitutes that are readily available. Following this, you should make sure that any non-vegan foods are removed from your home and that your friends and family are on board with your decision to help make your journey smooth and easy.

Tips on Becoming a Vegan

The best advice I can give to those asking how do I become vegan is to learn about the tips and trades of veganism, what makes meals taste delicious? What are the best meat alternatives? and what to do when craving animal products? Some of the best tips on becoming vegan include

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Be easy on yourself

Remember that veganism is a journey and mistakes might happen but that does not mean your journey has to end. Remember to go easy on yourself allow yourself to take the time YOU need to find what works and what is best for you in your own personal journey.

Do your research

One of the key tips for making your transition to veganism as easy as possible is to ensure that you know what you’re doing and why you are doing it. There is so much information out there on all things vegan that ensuring you are following a healthy and balanced meal plan is so simply possible. Look out for those secret ingredients that are famous amongst the vegan community to help make your meals extra tasty and satisfying.

Try recipes

One of the best things you can do is invest in a vegan cookbook, this is a great way to discover new and delicious meals that you can introduce into your diet one step at a time. This can also help make your journey fun and engaging where you can find your favorites and maybe even share them with loved ones too.

Try vegan products

Nowadays supermarkets a packed full of vegan and plant-based alternatives. Substituting your favorite dishes with these readily available products can help you first discover your favorites and secondly enjoy the dish as though nothing had changed.

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