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How to Make Celery Juice and Drink It in the Right Way

celery in the vegan diet

The Health benefits of herbs are widely known for a very long time. We know many plant-based superfoods that should improve our health condition, fill us with energy, and keep the right nutrition balance.

Supermarkets are abundant with them. You can buy chia seeds, sugar-free granola bars, avocados, linen oil, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens everywhere. There’s increased interest from the side of society towards healthy, plant-based products. Since they’re so popular, another superfood should be mentioned too.

What Is Celery?

the benefit of celery for vegans

Celery. It is an herb, it has mild green coloring and contains mostly water. That’s why it is widely used in smoothie and juice preparation. You can eat celery raw, steam it, or cut it for a salad. But the best way to consume celery is to make a juice out of it.

But first, let’s talk about the health benefits of celery juice and why you should even bother yourself to cook it.

Celery, just like many other herbs, has an uncountable number of health benefits and important nutrients. But this food product is often being neglected by the current trends of plant-based nutrition.

Celery includes big groups of such vitally important nutrients such as natural electrolytes, sodium salts, antioxidants, and plant hormones. Let’s look deeper into each of these important groups:


celery as a source of antioxidants

Celery is a cleaning service for your digestive system since it cleanses it and reduces all toxins and slags from your body. It starts the converting process after which all old and littered remains of proteins and fats will be turned into useful fodder for bacteria and microorganisms inside your body.


Those are extremely helpful and healthy molecules that reduce oxygen levels in our bodies since every time we eat, vast amounts of oxidants enter our body, oxidizing cells, and internal organs.

Too excessive oxidizing causes irreversible processes such as cancer development, vessels clogging, and the release of a big number of free radicals that decompose our organisms on a cellular level.

Many products include antioxidants but the precise amount should be carefully maintained to keep the oxidant level at the norm. Abnormal levels of oxidants cause premature aging and wear out the human body while antioxidants have the opposite effect.

Natural Electrolytes

celery as a natural electrolyte

Have you ever thought about how our brain communicates with other body parts, how brain signals reach all the muscles, or how our body manages to provide all cells and tissues with oxygen? Only a few of us know that electrolytes do all this job that keeps our body alive and that it is very important to gain big numbers of electrolytes from the food that we consume.

Since school, we know that the brain controls our bodies and that the thought precedes the action. Well, electrolytes are in charge of that. First, you think that you need to drink a glass of water and only then you move your body towards the sink.

Celery juice contains a big number of electrolytes and its regular intake will keep your brain activity on the right level.

Sodium Salts

Sodium salts play the role of natural solvent. They provide proper liver functioning and detox. The modern diet is abundant with bad fats, harmful proteins, salts, and sugars so proper liver functioning helps our organisms to cope with such loads. Alcohol, nicotine, processed fats, and many other unhealthy and bad substances could be deduced with the help of sodium salts.

Ready-to-Digest C Vitamin

juice from celery

Celery contains a big amount of the C vitamin but is the most suitable form for our bodies. Celery C vitamin is ready-to-digest so our livers don’t need to transform it which is very useful because this organ needs to cope with big numbers of toxins and unhealthy chemical substances.

Many products contain the C vitamin but very often it cannot be digested or metabolized properly. Celery juice is a perfect source of this important nutrient that provides detox and deduces all spare sub-products of liver activity.

Celery juice should be consumed on an empty stomach for proper digestion and maximum health benefits. When our stomach is empty, it metabolizes all useful nutrients with double speed, with no nutrients wasted.

To make celery juice you will need celery only because mixing it with other ingredients such as fruits, water or vegetables will significantly reduce its nutritional value. The optimal amount is half a liter because exactly this amount is able to cope with all toxins and slags in your body.

It’s very healthy to drink celery juice every day because it should be considered as a natural medicine and you will need to make a habit out of it to fully experience all benefits and usefulness of this incredible green product.

Certain Things Will Happen If You Will Drink Celery Juice Every Morning

celery smoothy
  • Your liver will be cleansed and as the result, almost all maladies will be gone.
  • Blood pressure levels will be normalized.
  • Your hair and nails will become stronger and healthier.
  • You will feel vigor and easiness inside.

It’s very healthy to drink celery juice every day because it should be considered as a natural medicine and you will need to make a habit out of it to fully experience all benefits and usefulness of this incredible green product.

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