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How to Make Oat Milk?


Cooking time

10 min

Portion number

4 portions

how to make oat milk

Nowadays making milk from scratch is talk around town, almost every vegan out there is giving homemade pleased based milk a shot. Making oat milk may seem like a difficult task but in actuality, it’s pretty simple as long as you have the perfect homemade oat milk recipe. By making your recipe oat milk at home you’re guaranteed to get the most authentic flavor without any added sugars or unnatural ingredients. I’ll be sharing the best vegan oat milk recipe so you can too try making your own version at home.

How Is Oat Milk Made?

Generally, a classic milk made of oats recipe is of course based on the use of oats. These oats are usually soaked in a batch of water and then blended and strained to produce milk like consistency and taste. It is a great plant-based alternative to regular milk and has a great tasting flavor that works perfectly in your morning coffee, breakfast cereals, cooking, and baking and the best part is that you can create a cooked oat milk recipe from home, with simple ingredients and any easy to follow the process, you won’t struggle at all and I guarantee you that the product you create will be absolutely delicious you may never seek to buy commercially bottled oat milk again.

Best Oat Milk Recipe

To start the process of making you DIY apart milk you’re going to need to gather your ingredients, most of which are probably in your pantry anyway.


  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 4 cups of water (*trick – the less water you use the creamier the consistency of your milk will be)
  • Sweetener of your choice (opt for either 1 tablespoon of maple syrup/agave or 1 pitted date)

Yes, that all you need to start creating your very own oat milk!


For this recipe all you’ll need is

  • A blender
  • A large bowl
  • A nut bag/kitchen towel
  • A sealed container of your choice


oat milk recipe

Now all that’s left to do is to begin the assembling process!

  1. Add your oats to the blender, together with water, and sweetener of your choice and blend until the mixture is combined – this should only take roughly one and a half to two minutes, and bear in mind to not over blend
  2. The next step is to give your milk a little taste, check if the flavor measures up to your standards, if it’s not sweet enough add a little more maple syrup or an extra pitted date
  3. Once you’re happy with your mixture pour it into your large mixing bowl and cover with a cloth
  4. Now if you have a nut bag strain the mixture through that but if not a thin cloth or towel will do just fine. Strain the mixture through the cloth and into the large mixing bowl (you may have to repeat this step twice as it is best when there are no pieces left inside your milk)
  5. Now the remaining liquid can be transferred into your desired container of choice and stored in the fridge to be enjoyed!

Tips and Tricks

  • Your milk can last up to 5 days in the fridge
  • You can flavor your milk by adding cocoa powder, vanilla extract, or berries for your chosen flavor
  • It can easily be made gluten-free by simply swapping out the oats for a gluten-free version
  • It is best when drunk cold

Pros of Oat Milk

  • A great diet option as it works for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or lactose tolerant and is also a good substitute for those avoiding soy and or nuts.
  • Does not contribute any harm towards the environment and its easy and ethical process makes it a highly renewable and sustainable way of using “milk”
  • Oat milk contains a very high concentration of iron which means it can help those suffering from anemia and well as preventing anemia from occurring as just one cup of oat milk contains around 10 percent of what one needs throughout the day.
  • Oat milk can help to strengthen bones as it is fortified with calcium which is especially helpful for growing children and those of an older age.
  • Oat milk also contains high amounts of fiber and protein, essential for regulating bowel movement, lowering cholesterol levels, and aiding with muscle gain.
  • It is full of nutritional benefits and is a great and healthy alternative to regular milk and through this can help to increase blood levels and maintain a healthy and strong body.

Best Store-Bought Oat Milk


Oatly has most definitely made its mark in the plant-based community and is highly recommended if you’re looking for a creamy but also gluten-free and low-fat option, it is all made cruelty free and is absolutely delicious.


This brand makes a delicious and organic unsweetened oat milk it is light and digests easily and remains one of the only non-sugared oat milk out there.

Thrive market

Their product is as natural as it comes oats and water but somehow they manage to still make it taste so good and with the perfect texture and creaminess.

Your Own Homemade Vegan Oat Milk Recipe

how is oat milk made

So you’ll have to test out this DIY oat milk recipe and see for yourself if it truly measures up to the standards of commercial brands, in my opinion, it beats the lot and the best part is that you can adjust it to make it perfect for your liking!

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