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How To Store Tofu

How To Store Tofu

There are so many new and exciting tofu recipes constantly circulating and being added to the abyss that is the world wide web. These recipes are often intended for more than one person. With Covid-19 keeping us isolated and inside, it is more likely than not that cooking for more than just yourself has been put on standby for the time being.

So if we’re only going to be cooking for ourselves, we probably don’t need to use the entire block of tofu, or if we’re meal prepping, we will have to store our pre-cooked tofu. Storing tofu can cause some worry if you don’t want your tofu to go rancid in your fridge. Today we are going to talk about the proper way to store tofu to prolong the shelf life of this staple food. Let’s get right into how to store tofu!

Storing Raw Tofu

Storing Raw Tofu

If you aren’t a huge fan of leftovers or meal prepping due to the fact that you hate eating the same meal on repeat throughout the week, you may vouch for cooking only a half or a third of your block of tofu for the given meal you are creating. If this is the case for you, we need to talk about how to store opened tofu once removed from its airtight sealed packaging. Tofu’s shelf life before opening is fairly long compared to other protein-based foods.

Therefore how to store unused tofu is a lot more simple, leaving it in the fridge untouched should be just fine. I have even surpassed the best before the date and have been totally okay after eating it. As long as there is no visible molding occurring or suspicious smell presenting itself, your tofu is usually safe to consume. After opening your tofu and cooking and consuming the desired amount, when storing the leftover tofu you will want to find any jar or container that can seal completely shut. It doesn’t hurt to add some fresh water into the jar to provide the tofu with extra moisture, however, I wouldn’t consider this step to be necessary.

Some people even enjoy switching the water out every day to maintain freshness, I personally find this step to be added work that is simply not essential to this process. How to store tofu after opening isn’t as hard as it may seem. I prefer using a glass jar as I feel my tofu keeps very well this way. So once placed in a container and in the refrigerator, how long is tofu good after opening? Tofu as stated before, before opening, has quite an extensive shelf life.

Once your tofu has been opened and repackaged into a jar of your own, your tofu should last for anywhere up to a week. If you are planning on keeping your unused tofu for any longer than a week, feel free to place your tofu in the freezer. Freezing foods is a great way to prolong their lives and prevents the creation of unnecessary food waste.

Storing Cooked Tofu

Storing Cooked Tofu

If you classify yourself as the meal prepping type, then you may want to know more than just how to store uncooked tofu. Rather, you may be wondering how to store leftover tofu from the dish you made on whatever given day. This is quite similar to the way we will be storing our uncooked tofu.

All you have to do, once again, is find an airtight sealed container or jar and place your tofu inside. Keeping your tofu in the refrigerator, depending on what you cooked your tofu with, should allow it to keep for anywhere up to a week. As previously mentioned, if wanting to keep your pre-cooked tofu for longer than this you may want to consider placing your tofu in the freezer.

This way, your tofu will be precooked and pre-seasoned so you can easily toss your tofu in the oven to thaw and re-crisp until it’s ready to serve. Storing tofu isn’t that hard, is it?

Store Away

Well there you have it, the quite simple and rather dauntless way to store your tofu whether cooked or uncooked. Now you know everything you need to know and no longer have to ask, “How long does tofu keep after opening?”.

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