Easy Summer Vegan Recipes and Dishes (Only Plant-Based Recipies)

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How to Strengthen Your Health in Summer

strengthen your immunity

Summer is the best season to strengthen your immunity and improve your health. Days are longer, nights are shorter and everyone feels the rush of energy inside.

Summer opens a lot of possibilities for us to strengthen our health both in natural and «artificial» ways. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, swimming, sunlight, and long and bright days can enrich and strengthen your organism for a whole year.

Winter days are short and we, humans, are predisposed to save energy and rest during the cold seasons. Although we don’t live in caves and huts anymore, our internal instincts tell us that in summer we must be as active as possible.

There’re many ways of how you can improve your health during summer days and most of them will fit easily in your daily regime. These measures will bright up your days and mood as well as make you energetic and active.

1. Fruits and Berries

strengthen your immunity in summer

Fresh fruits and berries are the most nutritious and healthy products. But store-bought berries and fruits, which you can buy in winter lose most of their nutritional qualities. It’s much better to visit your local market and buy freshly-gathered berries and fruits from the first hands.

Proper intake of berries and fruits can saturate and nourish your organism as well as improve your immunity and prepare your body for the winter. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals could be stored in your organism. There’s no need to describe all the health benefits of these incredible greens because everybody knows that fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables are the best for human health.

Vegan summer recipes often include berries and sliced fruits such as apples, watermelons, and others. A big variety of fresh greens lets you compose your own, original ration. Berries could be added in the oatmeal, baked, fruits can serve as an independent meal while raspberry, blueberry, and cranberry can adorn your blog or Instagram page.

2. Vegetables

vegetarian summer meals

Most vegetables are available all year long but early ripening greens such as leafy greens are the best in the terms of nourishing and health benefits. Rathe-ripes such as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, and coli flower should be your dietary base during summer.

Vegetables could be boiled, steamed, and fried. Summer gives us another option – we can grill our food outside enjoying the weather and the smell of cooked food. Grilled vegetables are healthy since they preserve most part of vitamins and microelements.

Summer vegan and vegetarian recipes are abundant with healthy and nutritious greens and till the next summer, you won’t have a chance to enjoy and cook fresh vegetables and other greens.

Whole food plant-based diet (WFPD) suits the summer menu the best. Whole fruits such as vegetables, fruits, berries, and others are available for anyone and there will be no limits for your fantasy.

3. Sunbaths

plant based diet ideas

We used to think that direct sunlight is harmful to our skin and stimulates cancer development. It is true but only partly. Direct and intense sunlight does provoke cancer development and causes skin’s pre-aging and can damage our eyes. But also, it can prevent all these maladies if you will know how to use it right.

To benefit from the direct sunlight and have healthy sunbathe, you need to know when you can expose your skin to the sun. Early morning hours and afternoon is the best time to walk under the sun. Sunrays become skin-friendly during the morning and in the evening, offering you numerous benefits. Only a few people know that direct sunlight improves skin condition and can bolster your immunity as well as raise the mood.

Many people experience a lack of vitamin D which manifests in overall weakness, damaged and passive immunity, and bad bone health. You need to spend not less than two hours a day under the sun to saturate your body with the D vitamin. Just remember, that in the middle of the day, sunlight can harm your body in many ways.

4. Dew Cure and Barefoot Walking

vegan summer meals

Our ancestors knew how barefoot walking can improve health conditions and bolster immunity. We used to wear footwear everywhere on every occasion. And it is normal in today’s society. But footwear is an idiosyncrasy of humanity because only humans use different materials to cover their legs. That had deprived us of the amazing benefits of barefoot walking.

Now, barefoot walking is widely recommended as an efficient way of immunity strengthening. Barefoot walking, or dew cure, helps to form the natural foot shape, stimulates the nerves which affect the functioning of internal organs, and tempers the organism, making it more resistant to external irritants.

Summer is the best season for the dew cure. If you live near a coastline, free some time for barefoot walking on the sand. Parks, green zones, lawns, and gravel roads fit just as well. The sensations will amaze you. Maybe you will feel something primal and deep-buried because our distant forefathers often walked with bare feet, notwithstanding the cold climate and the roughness of the surfaces.

5. Contrast Shower and Conditioning

vegetarian summer meal

Summer brings another important possibility to bolster up your health – conditioning. Conditioning isn’t very popular but it has several health benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. Contrast showers give you an incredible energy boost.

Shifting cold and warm water stimulates your body and teaches it to resist external stimuli. Basically, such conditioning teaches your body to cope with stress and be more resistant to the outer world. Changing weather, hot and cold seasons test our organisms and conditioning makes them more stress-resistant and durable.

Contrast showers, douches, and swimming in cold water tempers your body and immunity. If you have access to a water body, try to swim in it regularly in the morning with no people around. If you will learn to get over yourself and expose yourself to low temperatures even for a short time, you will become a stronger person in one moment.

6. Water Balance

easy vegan summer recipes

Proper hydration means a lot because liquid balance is responsible for the proper functioning of a whole body. Internal processes can’t run fully if you lack water. It is very easy to become dehydrated during hot summer days. You need to drink enough water to feel energized and active.

Vegan summer meals include big amounts of watery fruits, berries, and vegetables which primarily consist of water. Summer vegan ration can provide you with a lot of water and a few glasses of water after every meal will help you to stay hydrated during this hot season.

7. Reading

vegan summer dishes

Long days let you ignore your gadgets and the TV. Endless scrolling and staring at the screen of your smartphone have no health benefits at all. You can pick a book which you like and spare a few hours a day to read it instead. Long summer days give you the possibility to read in the daylight. That is much healthier than the reading under the indoor lights.

You shouldn’t forget about your mental and intellectual health so reading will be a logical and salubrious activity during the summer season.

8. Fresh Air

best vegan summer recipes

We have many more opportunities to breathe fresh air during the summer. Since the weather is comfortable and we feel comfortable while staying outside far into the night, fresh air should be an integral part of your daily activity.

Many people lack proper oxygenation, especially the ones who live in big cities. Summer is the best time to go out in nature to enjoy natural sceneries and aromatic and fresh air.

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