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Humanity Has Begun to Eat Fewer Animal Products and the Trend Is Growing

Humanity Has Begun to Eat Fewer Animal Products

According to a recent study, the Millennial generation intends to cook plant-based versions of traditional holiday dishes for Christmas this year. More than 70 percent of those surveyed expressed a strong desire.

All such people want to eat consciously and healthily for the holidays.

The survey was created by the vegan company Eat Just, Inc. We know that 2,000 Americans participated in it. And now we have the results.

Vegan Christmas

Vegan Christmas

How can food traditions change this year?

Respondents of different ages answered that they have already found their perfect holiday dish.

Such a dish is healthy, tasty, and organic. More than half of those surveyed chose an exclusively plant-based alternative.

Millennials weren’t the only category that reported plans to eat healthier in general.

This year, people of all ages were more likely to plan to cook vegan meals.

Vegan Revolutionary Movement

Vegan Revolutionary Movement

This is not the first survey to show that young people approve of plant-based diets.

For example, recent data from 1,000 college students surveyed showed that 40 percent of them eat less meat. And this is mainly due to concern for the climate, with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

This survey was invented by Quizlet in collaboration with the Carbon Literacy Project.

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