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IKEA Launches Vegan Hot Dogs’ Distribution in Australia

vegan hot dogs

IKEA is one of the few worldwide companies which offer vegan food options for customers in their stores.

IKEA will launch vegan hot dog’s distribution in its stores in Australia to offer an environmentally-sustainable and cruelty-free option to customers. Vegan hot dogs consist of a classic hot dog bun with plant-based sausage, made of carrot, ginger, red lentil, and cabbage.

Vegan hot dogs are served with mustard toppings and fried onion. You will be surprised, but it’s hard to differ vegan hot dogs from regular ones according to numerous customer reviews. Most people have found vegan hot dogs to be more appetizing than their meat-based ancestors and for sure, in addition, vegan hot dogs are much healthier and nutritious. IKEA’s customers can buy a vegan hot dog for one Australian dollar and a frozen pack of ten for seven Australian dollars. So the price is affordable for every customer.

Vegan Alternatives of Junk Food

Food products such as burgers, hot dogs, and pizzas are considered junk food and are fully consistent with their name. While vegan alternatives such as plant-based burgers and sausages and IKEA’s vegan hot dogs could be considered as healthy and nutritious food products.

Another six vegan hot dogs’ varieties will be implemented promising the sale of more than a million vegan hot dogs by the end of this year. IKEA had launched vegan hot dogs’ distribution in Sweden in 2018 and due to the great success of this imposition had started to sell vegan alternatives of hot dogs in all distribution points around the world.

IKEA vegan hot dog’s distribution isn’t a big deal at first sight but such implementation prevented the consumption of more than a million meat-based hot dogs. Such changes in our consuming habits benefit our environment a lot and help to extend vegan plant-based alternatives to meat-based common food products. It is a great pleasure for those people who do not eat meat products and want to try something interesting.

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