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The Impossible Burger


Following the release of the Impossible Burger, I overheard my peers asking various questions about this new vegan food. What is in the Impossible Burger? Is it cancer-causing? Is it good for you? What plants are in this burger?

There were so many questions with what felt like very limited information. I am here today to answer all of your questions centered around the Impossible Burger.

What Is in the Impossible Burger?

The Impossible Burger had a lot of hype surrounding it leading up to its release. It was going to be the new meat replacement that looked, tasted, and even smelled like meat. Its purpose was to convince people that you don’t have to miss the meat because you’ve gone vegan.

Rather, the Impossible Burger’s goal was to let people know that we can enjoy the flavor and experience of meat without any of the harm and animal cruelty that takes place behind closed doors. So what is the Impossible Burger made out of? This burger is composed of four key categories – proteins, flavors, fats, and binders. The proteins are all derived from plants using the infamous soy protein as well as protein from potatoes. Yes, potatoes contain protein. Where the meaty flavor comes from is quite interesting in my opinion. There is this molecule called ‘heme’ that is found in all living plants and animals. Heme is most abundantly found in living animals and is the molecule that provides that meaty flavor some of us know and love.

As all of the ingredients in the Impossible Burger are derived from plants, this particular molecule in the burger is created by the fermentation of yeast. It truly is a science experiment in the kitchen! The fats are present due to the oils in this patty which are derived from both coconut and sunflower.

Don’t fear fat, it’s essential to the human diet. Finally, the binders play an essential role in this burger, without them the patty would not be able to take on its versatile forms. The binders, or the glue of the burger, come from both food starch as well as methylcellulose, again, all plant-derived. Nothing to fear here!

What are the Ingredients in the Impossible Burger?

A list of ingredients can be found online on the Impossible Burger’s website. Here they will break down what their Impossible meat consists of as well as provide explanations for any of the ingredients that may seem out of the ordinary.

They are also open to answering any questions you may have, so if need be you can reach out to their Customer Service team if you’re seeking more clarity.

Is the Impossible Burger Healthy?

The health level of an Impossible Burger is quite comparable to that of a regular meat patty. In a 4 ounce of this patty, which is a fairly reasonable size, there works out to be around 240 calories.

Due to the fact that the Impossible Burger is completely derived from plants, there is no cholesterol present which is definitely better than that of a classic meat patty. If you are trying to lead a low sodium lifestyle, you may want to consider that this patty contains 16% of your daily recommended salt intake. This is fairly high for a patty, but if consumed every now and again I wouldn’t be concerned. The exciting thing about the Impossible Burger is its protein content. This burger contains 19 grams of protein which is quite high for a meat replacement. Due to its high protein content, the Impossible Burger will leave you feeling full and nourished. On its own, it could be considered a healthy choice in the eyes of some.

What makes the Impossible Burger not healthy is when it is topped with heavy condiments and paired with a side of greasy fries or a sugary drink. Health is relative to the person consuming the food. If you feel like this patty is providing you with the fuel you need, then I say go for it. If this burger leaves you feeling tired and lousy, then maybe it’s not for you.

Finally, if you are concerned about the pesticide glyphosate, there is nothing online expressing the presence of glyphosate in Impossible Burgers.

Impossible Burger Side Effects?

A lot of concerns have sparked regarding the topic of the Impossible Burger and its relationship to cancer. This concern circulates around the before mentioned ‘heme’, the molecule that provides this patty with its meaty resemblance.

The reason people are concerned about this ingredient because it is extracted from a soy plant before being inserted into the yeast that is then later fermented. People have feared the idea of soy and its correlation to cancer for a while now. This is a very controversial topic not just surrounding the Impossible Burger but surrounding the consumption of soy and soy-based products at large. What I always like to say is that the overconsumption of any food is never beneficial to the human body. If consumed every once and awhile, the risk of harming your body does not have to be a concern.

So does the Impossible Burger have soy? Yes. Does it make this burger dangerous? In my opinion, I think not, but you can make that decision for yourself. Another common question asked is, “Is the Impossible Burger GMO?”. The quick answer to this question is yes, it does contain various genetically modified ingredients.

As do many foods that are on the market. Once again, I believe that the overconsumption of any food is what leads to dangerous impacts on the body. If you’re going to steer clear of the Impossible Burger because it has GMO’s that’s okay, but don’t shame anyone else because they are choosing to enjoy it.

In Conclusion

All in all, I think the creation of the Impossible Burger was a great option for those carnivores who wanted to turn vegan but feared they would miss their meaty intake.

Although there are a lot of concerns surrounding the insides of this patty, I would deem it safe to enjoy. Next time you’re out at a restaurant and the Impossible Burger is on the menu, give it a try!

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