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International Toast Day

toast day

Are you ready to make this day special? Continue reading this article to know all the details and interesting information about toast day right now. Let’s make this day so much toasty!

What Should You Know about Toast Day 2021?

Hot bread crust slightly ruddies around the edges appetizing aroma of slightly toasted bread. Have you started slobbering? You can put jam or peanut butter on it, add cheese or mushrooms to your taste. As the saying goes, bread is the staff of life. A delicious roasted piece of bread known all over the world as a toast. The recipe for making it seems very simple. You have to take the bread, slice it up thinly, and give it to the heat. Everyone just. But did you know that the toast is dedicated to the whole day of the calendar? No? Then I’ll tell you about it, and you’ll love the toast as much as I love them.

Even the ancient Romans noticed that if the bread is dried, it will not only add to its flavor but maybe longer preserved, which was so necessary for long campaigns. The word “toast” comes from the Latin word “tostum”, which means «tanned».

They would take long sticks or put pieces of bread on rocks, closer to the fire. Of course, the toast didn’t always produce the perfect roast, where do you think coal came from in Britain?

In 1893, humanity invented the first toaster, and the bread crust began to appear due to the power of the electric current. Gradually, the toasted expansion began to take over the world. In 1913, they invented a pop-up toaster (until this time people had turned the roast bread by hand). And the toaster, which is known to us, was invented in 1919. Since then the concept of «toast» has become increasingly recognizable in the whole world.

I’m sure you still have this simple gadget in your kitchen. Ah yes, while you’re reading this article, make sure your toast is ready.

Types of Toasts

types of toasts

In 2014, Tiptree World Bread Awards organized the first toast day. It was given the last Thursday in February. The approach of spring activates the appetite, doesn’t it? And the Mascot is right around the corner, too. Do you think the day of toast is dedicated to just one kind of toasted bread? It’s a whole list. Here’s, for example:

Barely Done

Is a result of small exposure to a piece of bread high-temperature for 30 seconds.

A Tiny Bit of Color

To achieve this effect it is necessary to hold bread on a hot surface for about 1-2 minutes, it is possible to oil it for better effect.

A Good Spread of Color

This kind of toast is depicted on advertising banners. It looks perfect. It tastes the same. Well done with lots of crispiness. This one is for crispy crust lovers. It’s a great way to cover it with jam or cheese. Slightly charred Kind of toast for those who were carried away reading my article.


Hmm, there are guys here who like to sit on the Internet for too long. The result is a completely burnt piece of bread, don’t thank me.

You haven’t told me about your toast to the world yet? It’s weird because Twitter has had a hashtag #tostday a long time ago, where you can share your unusual creations and stuffing with your friends, your work colleagues, and other users.

By the way, Boris Johnson likes toast, so don’t forget to tag him, maybe he’ll gotta try your creation. Apart from the British Prime Minister, organizations such as NHS, Iron Maiden, Master chef, Paddington Bear, Great British Bake Off, Aston Villa, Paul Young, You Gov, Coron Street, British Heart Foundation, Hell’s Kitchen USA, BBC Three, Love Food Hate Waste, This Morning and more.

Are you still hungry? Try to explore new, don’t stop. Different types of bread can be used as the commodity for a toast: classical white, black, whole grain, brown bread, mold bread. Although, the last one shows how you can get homemade toast on a balcony, doesn’t it?

To celebrate a toast day, you can simply invite your friends or soul mate, because the number of holes in the toaster is a couple. Share your joy and your crispy crust with the others.

Run your #toaststart is very easy. Publish your new toast (and post) on Twitter or Instagram.

I guess we’re not just the poor students who sit only with bread and empty bellies. Come on, what’s in your fridge? The filling for the toast can be anything. Yes, the toast can be combined with any kind of food. Sweet cheese, butter, peanut butter, jam, Fluff, and Bi scoff spread.

Are you a saltwater eater? You can put a piece of redfish on a toast. Eventually, you can put anything that fits the size of a piece of bread on a toast. You can just eat it with a jug of milk without stuffing. You can have a cup of tea with the flavor of the bread.

There’s a lot of variation in the toast. Everything depends on your fantasy. In general, the art of toast can be equated to a normal day. A typical day, like a piece of bread, is grey, without any taste. But if you add originality, you get different combinations, different choices, different tastes.

Use unusual combinations, experiment, and guess. Don’t be afraid of black crusts, because they sort of fit into somebody. And then even the most ordinary piece of bread will be original and play with its delicious colors.

Do you think there’s very little time left before the festival? The toast is prepared for only a few minutes, and it is not necessary to buy a toaster to celebrate with us TOST DAY. So, deck chairs, ice, go.

Thank you for reading our latest article about Toast Day! We hope you liked it as much as we do! We have a lot of interesting articles on our blog so we can promise you that if you subscribe to our blog you will have lots of interesting information every week! Remain tuned for our news, stay toasty and be happy! Look forward to hearing from you your thought and photos of toasts!

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