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Is Beer Vegan?


Are you hesitant to drink your favorite beer because your unsure of whether it contains animal-based products? The biggest problem is that we don’t know what to look for and often miss products that are extracted from animals, that is why it is important to understand exactly what goes into your beverage of choice to make it a vegan-friendly beer or not.

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The million-dollar question everyone out there is asking, is beer vegan? Fortunately for all those vegans and vegetarians out there, most beers are vegan. But you should be aware that some brands of vegan beer contain animal products so be sure to check for these before purchasing. Don’t worry I’m sure you won’t have to give up much but being aware of what to look out for when buying beer is key to maintaining your vegan lifestyle.

The problem is we often disregard beverages with diet and usually wouldn’t think to check for any animal’s products in the drinks we want to consume. But mass-producers often sneak some unknown and quite odd in my opinion products into their drinks to help their process be more efficient even though it is unnecessary. So we’ve learned we have to check everything including your alcoholic beverage of choice.

Animal Products in Beer

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Right, let’s cut to the chase, what possible animal products could be found in your favorite nightly beverage? The only reason breweries tend to add animal products to their beers is for fining purposes and these are commonly sticky animal products. One of the most common ones that may be found in the Fish bladder in beer better know as isinglass. This substance helps make the filtering process easier and more well rounded during the tanking and creation processes of beer making. So next time you’re on a beer run double check to see if there is Isinglass in beer. Although this rare and most companies have limited or completely stopped using these products we can never be too careful. This also goes for the vegetarians out there; you see this ingredient listed its not a vegetarian beer.

What Beers Are Vegan?

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Now of course we don’t only need to know what’s not vegan but also what is vegan. A lot of people ask is Corona vegan? Yes, the all-time crowd pleaser and favorite is most definitely a vegan-friendly beer! Corona is not only vegan but made with completely natural products and with no animals being harmed in the making you can enjoy your ice-cold delicious beer completely guilt-free. And what about another extremely popular worldly known beer Guinness? Is Guinness vegan? Well actually as of today Guinness, having recently removed Isinglass from its beers is now officially vegan. As the vegan community has grown and an increase in demands to remove unnecessary use of animal products Guinness decided to jump on the bandwagon and adapt their filtration system to remove the fish bladder, now making Guinness beer vegan!

Vegan Beer List

Now that we’ve established two of the most well-known and globally drunk beers are vegan, you probably wondering what else is available to you. Well since pretty much most beers are actually vegan there’s a high chance that your personal favorite makes the cut. Extensive A-Z lists of all the vegan beers and best vegan beers can be found online, in fact, it’s almost easier to check whether it’s not vegan and going from there. And if your vegetarian the same thing applies since all-vegan beers are vegetarian too, it’s easy to find a vegetarian beer list that meets all your ethically appreciated needs.

How Is Beer Made?

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So how do they make beer and what makes it so vegan friendly? The process of making beer is actually fairly simple, using basic ingredients barely, water hops, and yeast, all of which are one hundred percent from nature making them plant-based. The main idea is to remove the sugars from the grains (most commonly barely is used) and then through a fermentation process, the yeast turns into alcohol mixed with CO2, and that gives you a beer. The first step is the process of malting, harvesting, heating, drying, and cracking the grain in order to isolate the enzymes. The next step is mashing, where the grains are boiled for an hour until forming a liquid, causing the grains to release all their sugars, which is then drained from the liquid. Following this comes the fermentation process where the liquid and yeast are added together in a larger container of sorts and stored for some weeks at a cold temperature, allowing the yeast to ferment. Lastly, this fermented, alcoholic liquid is bottled and ready for your consumption.

vegetarian beer list

So the bottom line is that beer doesn’t actually need any animal products to be made and thus most professional breweries produce vegan-friendly beers without having to change or adapt their ingredients and process. Isn’t it pretty amazing how we can turn such natural ingredients that come directly from the resources of our Earth and create a beverage that has been drunk all over the world for many many many years? So for those who were worried that taking on a vegan lifestyle would mean saying goodbye to your beloved alcoholic beverage, don’t hesitate your most likely to continue enjoying your beer vegan and vegetarians included, just do a little doubling checking for isinglass prior to hitting the pub. And now you know exactly what goes into making your beers you can educate your friends and show them that some of the best things in life are naturally vegan.

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