Granola healthy

Is Granola Healthy?

Granola has gained wide popularity in the USA and Europe over the past decades. It is considered as one of the healthiest breakfasts which you could ever eat and combines health benefits, nutritional value, rich taste, appetizing appearance and easiness of cooking at the same time.

Granola Is a Highly-Balanced and Nutritious Product

If you eat healthy granola daily, your body will continuously receive big numbers of fiber, minerals, and micro-nutrients.

Overall condition and health state will be boosted as well as your organism will receive enough energy in the morning to function fully and effectively.

To define whether granola is healthy or not it is important to clarify a few important aspects: granola’s composition and its health benefits.

Oat flakes are the basis of every granola. Of course, different grains could be used during granola’s production but oats are thus a traditional and symbolic ingredient that remains unchanged.

Oat flakes are processed with steam, easy pressed, and lightly baked to form it.

In simple words, granola is pre-prepared oatmeal with varied additives such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and berries.

Pre-prepared oat flakes are mixed with dried fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, etc., berries (blueberry, cranberry, and bramble), nuts (almonds, chestnuts, walnut, cashew, and peanuts), and seeds (linen, sunflower, and chia seeds). Endless varieties of ingredients allow us to produce and make different and unique granolas.

Traditionally, granolas are poured with milk or yogurt but vegan ration implies the use of plant-based milks and vegan yogurt.

Plant-based milk such as oat or almond milk will suit granola the best. There’s another variant.

Granola that includes only pressed and pre-treated oat flakes can be used for the most original and self-inspired granola cooking.

Fresh berries, sliced fruits, nuts, and seeds could be added to such granola, creating the healthiest and the most nutritious mixture.

The Health Benefits of Granola

The health benefits of granola are well-known because its composition leaves no doubts about its nutritional value and health benefits. High-quality, healthy granola comprises health benefits of oat, nuts, seeds, fruits, and berries, constituting an extremely-healthy cocktail of nutrients and healthy calories.

Lightly-treated oat flakes include big numbers of magnesium, zinc, calcium, proteins, E vitamin, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutritional elements.

Berries, nuts, and seeds have their own nutritional benefits and there’re too many of them to list.

However, certain positive effects on human health should be mentioned to create a full picture of granola’s impact on organisms.

Granola Value

  • Granolas provide our bodies with energy because oat flakes, nuts, and seeds are high-caloric products. But those calories are good because they provide us with long-lasting energizing. Oat flakes, seeds, and nuts are easy to digest so granolas are the perfect option for breakfast or a late supper.
  • Normalization of digestive system functioning. Granola is abundant with fiber that provides the body’s intoxication and normalizes the functioning of the bowel.
  • Body shaping. Complex carbohydrates coupled with healthy fats and a vast specter of vitamins provide normalized metabolism, digestion, and nourishing.
  • Nutritional value. It’s very hard to find such rich vitamins, minerals, and microelements food products that will be so appetizing, tasty, and healthy at the same time. Granolas will benefit your health on many levels from hair and skin health to increased brain and physical activity.

Granola is an extremely healthy product that has numerous health and nutritional benefits and can serve as an independent meal. Granolas for breakfast will saturate your body with energy and vigor.

But you should be careful. Always read the labels when you order or buy granola. Producers often use low-quality sugar syrups and food and color additives to make their products cheaper and look more appealing.

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