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Is It Possible to Be 100% Vegan?

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When we come to think about the vegan diet, the rules are pretty clear: a vegan diet is a diet that is plant based and doesn’t contain any animal products. The most known animal products that we consume are meat, eggs, and dairy. Most vegans don’t eat honey as well. But when you start doing research about products you come to understand that there are many products that contain animal parts that we don’t even know it.

A List of a Few Surprising Products That Are Made from Animals

  • Isinglass – in some beer brands there is a use of Isinglass. Isinglass is made from the swim bladders of fish, and although there isn’t a trace of it in the beer, it is a direct product used in the manufacturing process.
  • Guanine – used in shimmery cosmetics, can be found in nail polish or lipstick, contain guanine, one of the four base components of RNA and DNA. People obtain it from fish (herring, notably) scales.
  • Carmine – a bright red dye, quite often is used to color food, textiles, and cosmetics. Carmine is made from beetles and is therefore not vegan. The pigment is produced by crushing, drying, and then boiling the bodies of cochineal beetles to extract carminic acid.

The list can be continued. For someone who tries to be vegan for the first time, avoiding all these products might be frustrating and difficult. The more you research the more you understand that animal products can be found anywhere. Because of this, people who want to try veganism give up easily and don’t change their food consumption habits at all. I think that none of us can be 100% vegan. Even if we only eat vegetables and fruits there are still bugs and small mammals that can be killed during their growing process and we cannot avoid it. This is why we shouldn’t judge or look for mistakes in anyone who tries to be vegan because the change is hard enough, to begin with. When the time comes they will understand how to let go of things that they use to consume more easily. We should support anyone who considers going vegan and encourage them to think that it is not as hard as it seems to be.

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