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Is Meat Bad For You?

Is Meat Bad For You

Going vegetarian or vegan may seem like an impossible thing for you to do. You may feel like meat is the food you turn to when you don’t know what else to eat. You may even feel like without meat, you will not be able to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs. Even though you feel these ways, you still find yourself asking the same question over and over again. Is meat bad for you?

I am here today to provide you with some insight on why meat is bad for you. We will cover some of the health risks of eating meat, as well as why eating meat is bad for not only your health but for the environment and the animals as well. Keep reading to learn some ‘is meat bad for you facts’ that could very well save the future.

You Are What You Eat

Before we get into the facts that will answer the question, “Is meat bad for health?”, I would like to start off with the saying ‘You Are What You Eat’. If I had the choice to be scared and lifeless or alive and thriving, I would choose alive and thriving.

When consuming meat, you are consuming a stressed animal who is filled with fear from the moment they were born. Being torn from their mothers at such a young age, being transported in dark metal trucks, and watching their friends get killed before them as they wait in line does not contribute to a healthy animal. Studies have even proven that there is a difference in the quality of meat from an animal who lived a natural and happy life versus an animal who was born and raised on a factory farm.

By consuming these meats, you are feeding yourself with the same fear and stress that these animals endured. If you would rather feel full of life than I suggest you try consuming more plant based foods. When consuming plants, you are consuming something that has gone through the process of photosynthesis. By accepting and opening up to the light beams from the sun, plants are able to grow. I would much rather be open and accepting of light beams than be full of fear and stress, wouldn’t you?

Now, this is just a common saying that I am relating to the topic of meat consumption, but I honestly believe it to be true. So the next time you find yourself in the kitchen trying to decide what to eat, ask yourself, “What do I want to be today?”. This is just a little food for thought, it’s now time to get into the nitty-gritty of why meat is truly unhealthy for us.

Meat Health Risks

Meat Health Risks

There are many reasons why eating meat is unhealthy. Three main impacts meat can have on your health are increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart disease, and increased chances of becoming antibiotic-resistant. These are three very serious side effects of the consumption of meat.

The World Health Organization deemed processed meats to be carcinogenic in 2015. Carcinogens have the ability to promote the formation of cancer in the body. This one mere fact should be enough to prove that meat is bad for you. Heart disease can occur due to the high levels of saturated fats in red meats.

What is the most unhealthy meat? Processed red meats. The more saturated fats, the higher your cholesterol, the more unhealthy your heart is. One of the more recent, and in my opinion more scary facts that research has proven is the consumption of processed meats can lead to an antibiotic-resistant future. The practices, or lack thereof, at factory farms involve spewing antibiotics into the animals to speed up their growth cycles. In turn, the consumer is now eating these antibiotics for dinner, which is ultimately making their bodies immune to these antibiotics that were created to save them from illnesses.

The worry for the future is that a virus will spread, but the human race will be resistant to antibiotics therefore will not be able to receive the help they need. So, is eating meat really bad for you? Yes, there are many diseases caused by meat consumption that are far less prominent in the lives of those who have decided to leave meat off their plates.

The Environment

Not only is meat bad for humans, but it is bad for the environment as well. I am going to share some information with you which will cover why meat is bad for the future of our planet. One of the main contributors to greenhouse gases is the methane emissions that come from cattle. Factory farms are home to far too many cattle who are living in very poor conditions. The overproduction of cattle leads to the overproduction of feces and flatulence which in turn creates an abundance of methane emissions.

Greenhouse gases trap an abundance of heat in the atmosphere – the Greenhouse Effect – which in turn leads to Global Warming. So not only is meat unhealthy for YOU, but it is unhealthy for planet Earth at large. In addition to the assistance of Global Warming, you may still be asking, “why is meat unhealthy for the environment?”. The amount of land needed for factory farming is astronomical. The more the consumer wants meat from factory farms, the more meat they will produce therefore the more land these companies will use. If we eradicate a large need for factory-farmed meats, then hopefully these companies will become smaller and smaller, taking up and taking advantage of less and less land.

Finally, the treatment of animals before they are on the shelves in your grocery stores is inhumane. If we continue to support companies that condone such harmful practices, then we are contributing to the animal abuse that is so prevalent behind closed doors. Animals deserve the right to live peaceful lives, untouched by the human race.

These are just a few ways that meat is not only unhealthy for your own health, but for the environment as well. The question you find yourself asking should expand far past “how bad is meat for you?”.

What To Eat Instead?

what to eat instead of meat

So now you know that the answer is YES to the question, “Is eating meat bad for you?”. Meat consumption can harm your health in just as many ways as it can harm the animals and the environment. So what can you do about this? The best thing you can do is to start implementing more meat alternatives into your lifestyle. The smallest of changes can make the largest of differences.

Why not give Meatless Mondays a go? Rather than making meat the star of your meal, give tofu, tempeh, or seitan a try. Taco night? Not a problem! Fill those corn tortillas to the brim with jackfruit or cauliflower. There are endless ways that you can lessen your meat consumption, so get creative and busy in the kitchen! Going vegetarian and vegan can seem totally daunting at first. But with a little practice and time, you will be a pro in no time! If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to meat forever, try your best to shop local! If you can buy meat from local farmers rather than corrupt factory farms, you will be making a positive impact on the future of our planet. On top of that, you will be supporting people in your community rather than large corporations who care about their profit more than their employees. It’s time to start implementing changes in our lives now if we hope to live a happy life down the line.

All you have to do is believe in yourself! The next time you hear someone asking, “Is meat bad for health?”, I challenge you to have a conversation with them. Try to explain to them what you learned here today.

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