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Everything You Need to Know about Why Vegans Cannot Use or Wear Wool Products

is wool vegan

Entering into the lovely world of vegans and wool we begin to see a huge backlash towards the use of wool products within the vegan and veggie community. However, there is quite a lot of explaining to do within the topic in order to truly answer the question “can wool be vegan?” We all know about where wool comes from and that in many and most cases it is taken from the skin of a sheep and turned into soft fluffy cotton-like products that eventually make their way to stores around the globe for human consumption. Because vegans choose to not eat animals as a way to stand up against animal cruelty, so they should not buy into any of the animal products markets which unfortunately also include clothes, shoes, and handbags made out of animal materials such as leather, wool, and snakeskin.

Why Is Wool Not Vegan?

There is much depth into wool and whether the process of collecting it is actually ethical or not, however simply stating that wool is taken from animals automatically makes it non-vegan-friendly. To answer the question is wool vegan? One must look into the process in which the wool is obtained and how this process affects or in any way exploits animals of any kind . Wool is basically obtained by sheering sheep and riding the of their skin, in most cases this is actually done with ease and the sheep are left to graze freely until their fur is long enough to be cut, however, this cannot be said for every process and every business way of maintaining wool.

Why Do Vegans Not Use Wool?

can wool be vegan

Not using wool within each person daily life whether you follow a vegan diet and lifestyle or not is one hundred percent a choice, there are no rules to say whether it is permitted or not, and in most cases, it comes down to whether one believes it’s a cruel process or not. For the vegans that see the process as being ethical, calm, and in a way, normal choosing a wool product is not over though, however for those who believe that it is supporting animal cruelty in any which way will choose to stay away from purchasing any wool products and will simply opt for similar things in different, more environmentally friendly materials.

Can Vegans Wear Wool?

do vegans wear wool

So apart from purchasing wool products, do vegans wear wool? Wearing wool comes down to the same similar argument that we have seen throughout this article and that is your personal belief in whether the process to obtain such a product is ethical or not. Wearing wool is often frowned upon within the vegan community but at the end of the day, they can wear wool without committing an offense as a veggie. However, saying this there are many other materials used to make the same products as will that are completely vegan and cruelty free which include :

  1. Organic Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Hemp
  4. Jute
  5. Soy Fabric
  6. Nettle
  7. Seaweed, Kelp, and Algae
  8. Bamboo
  9. Nylon
  10. Recycled Polyester

All of these alternatives materials to wool are extremely popular within the vegan community as there are no doubts whether there are any non-ethical acts that occur during any of the processes of its manufacture, which for many people put their minds at ease.

The Bottom Line

So what have we learned from this article, is wool vegan-friendly? This really all depends on the animal itself and the state of such an animal. If the animal is harmed in the process of obtaining the wool you choose to purchase it is considered to be unethical and thus not vegan-friendly however if the wool is taken without causing abuse in any way for example “deadwood” then it is considered to be vegan friendly. The choice comes down to you and your beliefs but always remember there is a guaranteed plant-based and cruelty-free alternative.

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