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Joyride Pizzeria Has Introduced a Vegan Alternative to Detroit Pizza in San Francisco

Joyride Pizzeria presents new Detroit pizza

Joyride, a pizzeria that just opened, has already added an extensive vegan menu to two of its San Francisco locations. They plan to continue their mission of bringing joy to customers through animal-free pizza. The team now offers four vegan Detroit-style pizzas made with unique ingredients and topped with vegan parmesan, drips of garlic-infused olive oil, fresh basil, and spicy oregano.

So, among the options you can find:

  • Cheese pizza with “Violife” blend and homemade tomato sauce
  • Way Beyond Sausage & Spice with vegetable sausage “Beyond Meat” and sweet peppers
  • Classic Pepperoni with products from “The Be-Hive” and a blend of local Mycopia mushrooms and black olives
  • Mindful “Chick’n & Ranch” with a chicken alternative from “Sweet Earth”, tart vegan sauce, fresh and roasted onions

Joyride has also added a vegan chopped salad made with vegan mozzarella and plant-based pepperoni, and all existing pizzas can be made to order using new vegan ingredients.

Detroit-Style Plant-Based Pizzas

Detroit-style plant-based pizza

Joyride’s new plant-based menu is a throwback of sorts.

After a pandemic of new business creation and the August 2021 birth of Joyride. Created in the 1940s, Detroit-style pizza is a perfect fit for San Francisco. While about 20 percent of pizzerias in the Bay Area offer at least one Detroit-style pie, few focus exclusively on that style, and even fewer offer plant-based options.

To best serve customers, it was important to embrace the full spectrum of flavor, aroma, and texture. That’s why the pizzeria is presenting plant-based options. The new menu also returns seitan as the base for pepperoni pizza.

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