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What Is Kala Namak Used For: Newly Discovered Black Salt and Its Nutrition Value

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Nowadays, everyone is all about trying the latest and greatest health trends, from different foods to healthy drinks and spices, finding ways to benefit your body is all the craze. Almost every day we hear about different types of new healthy snacks, meal ideas, or fast food replacements, and yet another discovery has made its way to the surface. Kala Namak, otherwise known as black salt has been highlighted as a better alternative to the typical regular table salt we see in almost every household, but why? The Kala Namak benefits are what has lead it to the top of the health and fitness enthusiasts list and in this article ill be explaining to you exactly why that is, from its uses to its background and everything in between, black salt may just be the newest addition to your kitchen.

What Is Kala Namak?

Kala Namak, more popularly known as black salt, is a specific type of rock salt. There are many different kinds of black salt, however the most popular and most well-known being Himalayan Black salt. So where does Kala Namak come from you may be asking yourself? Kala Namak or Black Salt comes from salt mines found in the regions of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal along with other smaller regions belonging to the Himalayas. Black salt while very new to us has actually been around for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient times when it was first used for Ayurvedic medicine, an Indian holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

What Is Kala Namak Used For?

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Surprisingly it has been stated that there are many uses for black salt mostly to do with their health benefits and possibly medical aid claims. Because there are different types of black salt thy each poses its own selection of specific uses too. For example, Himalayan Black Salt also known as Kala Namak is most acknowledge for its medicinal properties however there is very little research that actually supports these claims. However, it is most commonly used in cooking, it gives off a very savory and almost umami flavor that in some ways resembles an egg. For this reason, is it predominantly used in vegan cooking as an egg flavor substitute especially in both Indian and Asian cuisine.

Kala Namak Nutrition Information

So what we all really want to know is Kala Namak healthy? The Kala Namak health benefits are what make it seem to be a lot healthier and a greater alternative to any other form of salt and this is because:

Lower in Sodium

Because Kala Namak has been naturally derived it thus contains less sodium than that of any normal table salt and is a greater option for those who suffer from high blood pressure or for anyone trying to reduce their overall sodium consumption.

Contains Fewer Additives

Normal table salts actually go through a lot of processes before they actually make their way onto your table, because of the minimal processing of black salt it is said to have fewer additives that may be harmful to cells and tissues and increase the risk of disease over long periods of time.

Other Black Salt Side Effects Include:

black salt nutrition
  • Contains more minerals than regular table salt
  • It May help improve your digestion and relieve gas and bloating
  • It May help your hair and skin due to its mineral content

As you can see there are many positive benefits that black salt can have and while there is not much research done into the difference it may make to your health, the few that stand do sound pretty justifiable. So the next time you need to grab some salt why not give Himalayan Black Salt a try and see if you can notice a difference yourself and better yet try it in a couple of traditional Asian and Indian vegan recipes.

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