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Lab-Grown Meat Companies

Lab-Grown Meat Companies

Hey there, I am so glad you stumbled upon this blog! Today we have a very important topic to discuss, so let’s get started. The topic up for discussion today is lab-grown meat companies.

I know you probably have an abundance of questions surrounding this topic so I will give you a brief summary on the topic of lab-grown meats before talking about the companies behind this futuristic idea.

What Are Lab-Grown Meats?

Lab-grown meats are essentially the future of the meat farming industry. Scientists have discovered a way to grow meat by extracting a biopsy of cells from a living animal. They put the cells through a process that involves various nutrients and growth hormones until the cells are able to grow into meat that is ready to serve.

This process diminishes the need to kill the absurd number of animals we do every day in order to provide the consumer with meat. Just one sample of cells is said to be able to produce 80 000 quarter pounders. I say this is the future of the meat farming industries because this practice is much more sustainable for our Mother Earth who is currently under great amounts of distress.

Let’s Talk Companies

A product has yet to be released to the population but this does not mean that there aren’t various companies working hard to try to make this happen sooner than later.

Aleph Farms
  • One of the main cultured meat companies that have been hard at work is Aleph Farms. Aleph Farms is an Israeli company that believes that they have a responsibility to provide consumers with a sustainable product whilst maintaining the highest quality. They are passionate about their eco-footprint as they want to ensure the existence of a healthy planet for future generations to come.
Memphis Meats
  • Another one of many artificial lab grown meat companies I want to mention is Memphis Meats. Memphis Meats has been hard at work since founding their company in 2015. Their main goal is to be able to feed 10 billion people by the year 2050 using their cell grown meats. Memphis Meats prides its company in producing various of the world’s breakthroughs in regards to cell-based meats.
Mosa Meat
  • The final one of many synthetic meat companies I am going to introduce to you is Mosa Meat. In the year 2013, Mosa Meat was introduced at a press conference in London, the world’s first slaughter-free hamburger. Since the first release of this discovery, Mosa Meat has made several more scientific breakthroughs. They hope to be able to sell their product in the next few years to come.


In vitro, meat companies are so important and being pushed to the forefront of science because our world does not have the resources to sustain the lifestyle of the average consumer. Wanting everything at the ready, everything in the world is being produced on large and detrimental scales. By creating a slaughter-free meat product, not only will lab meat companies be saving the lives of billions of animals, but they will also be saving the well being of our planet.

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