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Long Awaited Variety on the Vegan Dessert Menu – VALRHONA’s DreamMilk Chocolate


This milk chocolate is finally approved by the French Vegetarian Association. The new vegan chocolate is made from Madagascar cocoa and conveys the subtlest notes of a creamy, nutty flavour. “The creamy texture, a bit of sweetness combined with tartness, creates a special atmosphere that transports you to a paradise place,” is what the makers declare.

Valrhona is a product for true connoisseurs, which can be used in the most sophisticated recipes and textures. Pastry chefs must be delighted.

The Specialness and Uniqueness of the Product

Vegan Choco from VALRHONA

Although there are already enough vegan chocolate variations around the world, what Valrhona produces is something special and unique. Milk chocolate is traditionally made from vegetable milk. But the variety of milk substitutes exceeds all expectations. There are almonds, coconut, oats, hazelnuts, pistachios, potatoes, maca beans and even pine nuts. Agree that everyone can find a suitable substitute to their taste.

Meanwhile, more and more brands are trying to pick up on the trend and continue to follow the opportunity of the chocolate industry.

From Swiss Lindt to American Hershey, everyone wants to perfect their vegan milk chocolate product.

But having achieved the coveted B Corp status for the sustainability of its production standards, only Valrhona continues to expand its range of products in the confectionery sector.

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