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Major Fast-Food Chain Launches Investigation in Unpleasant Incident


A KFC customer found herself in the spotlight on social media after discovering a whole chicken head in her order of chicken wings.

The customer, named Gabrielle, posted her outraged review and went on to share it with a wide audience on the popular Twitter account Takeaway Trauma.

As the girl wrote, she found a fried chicken head in her dish of hot wings, which prompted her to give up the rest of her meal. She gave minimal credit to this eating place.

Fried Сhicken Head at KFC

fried chicken head

This review post garnered thousands of likes, reposts, and comments. Many open discussions about eating animals followed, leaving many bewildered.

People were outraged and expressed their opinion that if someone is disgusted by it, you just shouldn’t eat meat.

Another part of people supported Gabrielle because she didn’t order the chicken head. And that is unacceptable.

One of the comments was about how important it is to know what the food is. And discovering such things is certainly unpleasant.

Two days after the recall went viral, KFC UK issued a retaliatory statement.

The fast-food giant laughed off the Devshui recall, saying it “serves real chicken.”

The company is even proud of it.

Nevertheless, they have set up really strict checks among suppliers and partners to prevent it from happening again.

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