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McDonald’s Decides to Focus on Vegan Fast Food and Drinks to Keep Up and Expand

McDonald’s Decides to Focus on Vegan Fast Food

McDonald’s is now trying to expand into vegan fast food by 2025. This goal is part of the company’s larger mission. The new climate commitment is part of the company’s initiative, which will see a series of sustainability-focused improvements in four key areas: Planet, People, Restaurants and Food.

McDonald’s has a history, but now is the moment to accelerate ambition and work even harder to take care of each other and the planet.

The company has already made changes to improve the use of renewable electricity in its restaurants, converting edible oil into fuel for its trucks and deploying charging stations for electric vehicles. By 2024, McDonald’s will ensure that packaging for customers is made from renewable, recycled or certified sources and is designed to be recyclable or compostable.

Global McPlans Is Plant-based

Global Plans McDonalds Is Plant-based

Worldwide, McDonald’s Corporation operates 37,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries and serves 60 million customers daily.

The new “Plan for Change” is not just a sustainability strategy, it is first and foremost a business priority. That means it’s a plan for not just one change, but many changes that, together with the restaurants, employees, farmers and customers who visit the restaurant every day, will really make a difference.

Certified by the country’s vegan society, the McPlant burger will be cooked on a separate grill, and the chain will use special dishes for its plant-based meals.

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