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Milk Intake Increases Breast Cancer Risk by 80 Percent

breast cancer

The International Journal of Epidemiology has published a statistical study that reveals the relationship between the occurrence of breast cancer among women and the consumption of animal milk on a daily basis.

The average woman in America consumes one and a half glasses of milk a day in various forms. The study showed that consuming only a third of a cup of milk per day increases the risk of breast cancer by 20 percent.

Whereas one cup proportionally increases this chance to sixty. This is very alarming data given the volume of consumption of milk and other dairy products.

The Studies’ Data

For the study data were taken from 53 and a half thousand women who did not have any predictions regarding the development of breast cancer. One in fifty has developed this cancer after eight years of observation.

It is associated with a large number of sex hormones in milk. Breast cancer is known to be cancer caused by hormonal imbalance.

So far, it is impossible to say for sure that the reason was exclusively in milk, but statistics and clinical studies speak of this exactly.

This risk of developing the disease can be associated with the modern production technology of this product. Hormone injections in farm animals, breeding, and numerous nutritional supplements in feeds can cause potential dangers of animal milk.

Fortunately, numerous animal milk alternatives have appeared on the market in recent years. There are oat, buckwheat, soy, and almond milk among them. No evidence was found that soy has any effect on the hormonal health of women.

Plant-based milk is the most rational choice for women.

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