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Moby Will Donate All Income from New Album to Animal Welfare

animal welfare

All income from Moby’s new album «All Visible Objects» will go to Animal Welfare according to his announcement on Instagram.

Moby is a worldwide-known musician, singer, and vegan-activist. He completely changed his life in order to become a fully-ethical person and now he’s doing his best to help and support animals throughout the world, literally.

The support from such a recognized and famous person means a lot for Welfare Advocacy and the measures he took in order to extend veganism attracted interest in the masses.

Moby has noted in his recent interview that vegan activism is his primary job despite his successful musical career. He insists that the activism movement should bring practical results. He doesn’t differ his words from actions, unlike many other celebrities. This is the reason for his generous gesture.

Moby and Joaquin Phoenix had participated in the creation of a raucous film «The Earthlings» which was devoted to the problems of animal cruelty among the Earth. Moby’s music had arranged the entire film and Joaquin’s voice had narrated this movie.

In 2016, he helped to organize and maintain a vegan music festival «Circle V» in Los Angeles, USA. Two years ago Moby sold his house and more than a hundred of his musician instruments to raise money for The International Fund for Animal Welfare.

He had almost left his music career now in order to spend more time on animal rights protection and vegan activism. Moby’s new album «All Visible Objects» will contribute to the fight for animal rights and animal protection.

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