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Morality That We’ve Destroyed

morality that weve destroyed

We all love animals and are happy to see our pets happy and clouded.

But what can we say about those who are not so lucky? Many people don’t want to see how cruel and painful life is for those whose destiny is to be raised and slaughtered on a cattle farm. And if anyone can imagine it, they wouldn’t accept it as reality. It’s so cruel. And that’s the life of billions of animals who were seen as food only, not as a living being with the right to live and be free.

Violence against Animals

The complete elimination of animal food from the diet and the transition to a plant-based diet will be the beginning of leaving off the exploitation of animals and a challenge to the worldwide system of violence against our smaller brothers.

Psychological unity is what will help individuals and humanity as a whole to understand one simple thing – that animals are not food. They are our neighbors, our friends and our partners, and they’re making life on this planet so diverse and exciting.

Nevertheless, there are other fields in the world where animals are ruthlessly exploited, such as circuses, vivisection laboratories, the fur industry, and others.

Imagine a world without animals, or without trees or flowers. It’s a depressing sight, isn’t it? The animal industry is destroying it all at unimaginable speed, and we’re trading our world for another burger on our plate or a piece of processed chicken.

Farm-Grown Animals’ Life

Society has been feeding with the idea that farm-grown animals live a full, secure, and “happy” life. Obviously, only an idiot can believe that.

Animals are just like us. And they’re afraid of death. The terrible thing is, they can’t put it into words. They can’t talk about their pain and sufferings, also none of them understands why and for what someone is hurting them so much. There’s no reason for that.

Research shows us that humans are neither a family of predators nor a family of herbivores. Man is a frugivorous creature.

Human ancestors were forced to hunt other species only because of historical circumstances.

This fact shows a significant difference between the form, that the animal industry has now acquired.

In the past man has killed an animal in its natural habitat, where it lived a full and intended life. Animals had the opportunity to live partly in their natural habitat from the moment when they were domesticated and for a long time thereafter. However, the form of animal breeding production in the modern world does not allow them to see the sun and the sky even once in their lives.

Animals are raised as prisoners and only now there is a chance for them to finally have a voice.

Changes in society lead to a gradual awareness of what is happening and give hope that there will be people who will stand up to protect animals.

What is happening in the world is unforgivable but taken for granted.

Maybe, it’s time to change that?

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