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More than a Hundred British Doctors Have Called the Government to Promote Plant-Based Nutrition on a National Level

plant-based nutrition

The National Healthcare Service had been under prolonged and extreme stress for a long time due to the increased number of cases of chronic illnesses and other long-termed diseases.

Diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and obesity are wiping out the UK’s population and low-income social groups suffer the most. The existing healthcare system has proved to be ineffective in the improvement of the population’s health condition.

The current healthcare system is aimed at the treatment of the consequences of chronic diseases while the prevention of such illnesses is the only right way to make a better change in the nation’s health.

More than a hundred British doctors have sent a message to the British government asking to take immediate actions. The National Healthcare System should change its course to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet according to doctors.

The message says that several measures are able to change nutrition habits and improve people’s health.

First, the taxation of meat and processed meat production, agitation for a plant-based diet, and reducing the consumption of marine products can guide the UK’s population towards a healthier diet. These measures could reduce the number of zoonotic diseases and bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics.

Secondly, public catering should include more plant-based products and exclude all processed and meat products. Junk-food and processed food marketing advertisements should be banned also for obvious reasons.

Thirdly, the National Healthcare System could collapse under duress of epidemically high numbers of chronic disease cases. More and more people are becoming ill and this trend continues to grow.

A plant-based diet is able to prevent and ease many chronic diseases and a decrease in the proportion of animal products can significantly improve overall health conditions and benefit the environment.

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