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More than a Hundred of Netherlands Mink Farms Will Be Closed Due to the Parliament’s Ballot

mink farms

One hundred twenty-eight. That’s the number of mink farms that will be closed after the Dutch Parliament took such a decision.

This drastic measure was taken after a few farmworkers were infected with COVID-19. Further analysis has found that mink could be infected by humans. Mink farms as well as other animal farms create a breeding ground for disease development.

Wet animal markets in China are considered as the real root cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dutch Parliament has voted for the total closure of all these farms which are still active in the Netherlands to avoid a new pandemic boom.

The Dutch government had planned to close mink farms by 2024 considering the cruel nature and inhumane methods of the fur industry. But now COVID-19 has fastened this process.

Although the closure of farms is a good sign for the vegan movement and animal welfare, more than six hundred thousand minks were killed to prevent further infection. It’s a small number in comparison with the annual number of animals which are killed for furs’ production.

A hundred million animals are slaughtered annually among which are minks, sables, raccoons, foxes, and dogs. Denmark, Poland, China, and Finland are the world’s leaders in fur production.

There’s no certain date when those farms will be closed. But farmers will receive compensation from the government and those one hundred twenty-eight mink farms will be the last mink farms in the Netherlands.

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