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National Strawberry Day 2021

strawberry days 2021

One of the most popular fruits in the world has got to be strawberries so it is not so Surprised to hear that many people celebrate it every year on February 27.

the perfect summer berry that is not only eaten alone but in many desserts too. Strawberry and the flavor of strawberry can be found in every single country around the world, with its distinct refreshing yet sweet taste it’s a childhood and adult favorite.

Strawberry day aims to celebrate not only the taste and versatility strawberries bring to our lives but also their history and how we came about to enjoy them on a regular basis. February 27, the national strawberry day is a time where all strawberry lovers can come together to celebrate the beauty of this fruit as well as try to educate others on why it of such importance and how we can ensure our kids and their kids can still be able to enjoy the same delicious strawberry taste we all know and love.

National Strawberry Day

strawberry history facts

An early happy strawberry day to all those that will celebrate the strawberry day! Strawberry day celebrates the eye-popping, flavor-busting, romantic heart-shaped berry that we all know and love so well. Not only are strawberries known for their absolutely delicious taste but also for the aroma they let off and that is why strawberries are of such importance. They are used in so many elements other than just as a fruit, for example- perfumes, fragrances, candles and so much more, all-encompassing the delicate and fruity smell that strawberries have to offer in order to create fragrances that draw people in. Not only do strawberries smell and taste good but they are a romantic symbol too, they are considered a gesture of love and are often incorporated into Valentine’s day theme.

The History of Strawberries

national strawberry month

The national strawberry day is mostly celebrated by its hardcore lovers but also those who are strongly invested in its history in more of a botanical sense. Strawberries are said to have originated in North America and then first cultivated in Europe during the eighteenth century, however, the exact location of their discovery remains unclear. There have been reports found in roman literature that mention strawberries and the role they played in the medicinal field. Strawberries got their name as a result of their growth location which was most commonly found in attachment with pieces of straw in straw fields. New York was the first to become a strawberry hotspot, selling it as a luxury ingredient, incorporating it into dessert, and then shipping it across the states of America where it now grows frequently in places such as California and Tennesse.

When Is National Strawberry Day?

february 27 national day

On February 27 national strawberry day is celebrated across the United States although some die heart fans even choose to celebrate national strawberry month as an extension to the holiday. Strawberry days 2021 is mostly celebrated by the grocery industry but has since expanded to a wider market that encompasses many more American strawberry fans. This year we are lucky enough that national strawberry day falls on a Saturday meaning you will have ample time to celebrate, eat, enjoy and learn all about strawberries. There are many ways one can observe the strawberry day that can be fun for the whole family too.

Interesting strawberry history facts

  • Strawberries are the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside.
  • Strawberries are members of the rose family.
  • One strawberry plant remains productive for up to five years.
  • A museum completely dedicated to strawberries can be found in Belgium.
  • Strawberries are said to be an aphrodisiac.
  • Strawberries can help decrease your risk of heart disease.
  • Strawberries can be picked.

Celebrating National Strawberry Day

Whether you’re a dedicated strawberry lover, a chef, or simply just enjoy eating the delicious fruit, there are no rules as to how we can celebrate national strawberry day. There are many different ways people choose to observe this day and many that you can easily replicate yourself. Some of the ways you can celebrate national strawberry day include

when is national strawberry day

Berry Picking

Number one on the list has to be picking the fresh berries yourself. There is no better way to really enjoying and experience the real freshness and aroma strawberries have to offer. If you do choose to go berry picking it would be wise to make sure you pick fully ripe strawberries, red in color, be gentle as they can bruise easily, only wash them just before eating them, remember that you can also freeze strawberries if you happen to pick too many to eat.

Create Strawberry Recipes

Another great way to celebrate strawberries is to include them in recipes to highlight their potential and what they can add to dishes especially desserts. One can make a cake, strawberry and vanilla are an absolute match made in heaven, the fresh jam is also an option and can be stored in the fridge and used over time, smoothies including strawberries are also a great go-to recipe as well as strawberry pie and pudding.

Share with Others

Wishing others a happy strawberry day and sharing the delicious fruit with those you love is another great way to show your strawberry appreciation, strawberries and cream, strawberries covered in chocolate, strawberry milkshakes and so much more are great and yummy gift ideas that can easily be shared with those you love. Celebrate the bright and juiciness strawberries have to offer by bringing your own brightness to those you are surrounded by and most importantly enjoy!

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