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Nestlé Invests a Hundred Million Dollars in Plant-Based Products Production in China

Nestlé investment

A food giant Nestlé will invest more a hundred million dollars in plant-based production in China. Future factories will be located in the north part of the country and will be used to produce plant-based products.

Vegan meat production will be the central thrust of the factory’s work. The factory will be opened by the end of this year to satisfy the rising demand for vegan meat substitutes and increased interest in plant-based products.

The plant-based industry received investments of seventy-hundred and forty million dollars this year which definitely indicates the scale of the public’s interest in plant-based innovative products.

China’s market of plant-based products has grown by a third since 2014th and this trend continues to grow. It’s a good sign for ecology and the vegan movement but still, the market share of plant-based products is a drop in the ocean compared with the expansion of meat and dairy industries.

Nestlé corporation released «Impossible Burger» last year to contribute to plant-based market development. The growing population of veganism is the reason for such increased interest in plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products.

Vegans and vegetarians form one of the most rapidly growing nutrition niches second only to the ones who reject gluten and lactose intake.

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