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New Vegan Foodie Items on the Market Right Now

plant-based food items

With new vegan products launching every day now, the demand and market for new plant-based food items have increased tremendously. It becomes hard to know which vegan burger to choose because there are so many to choose from. But for those like us who enjoy trying it all, we’re always waiting for new products to drop so we can give it some sort of review. Here are some of the products that are relatively new and perhaps deserve a chance. All these items are available in the UK but can often be sourced at big grocery store chains near you.


Galaxy has launched 3 new vegan chocolate bars, in Caramelized Hazelnut, Caramel & Sea Salt, and Smooth Orange and we must admit this jumped straight to the top 3 of our chocolate list. It has a smooth feel, it’s creamy, it’s milky and it’s downright delicious, it’s quite addictive and not overly sickly. Our personal favorite is the Caramel & Sea Salt, we must admit we’ve gone back and bought more than one after just a little taste of the goodness.


Remember those chocolate milkshakes, Mars, Snickers, M&M, a rare treat that’s so rich and delicious. Well if that’s up to your alley then we’re about to drop some good news, Mars has launched a vegan version of their milkshake, starring oat milk as a replacement. You would never even know the difference, a rich chocolatey taste with a hint of caramel you absolutely cannot go wrong sipping on one of these. It’s now the third one in the non-dairy range and it is our personal favorite!


Million Square, the ultimate indulgence, Saturday night treat, and rich and creamy caramel, biscuit covered in chocolate, it can’t really go wrong. A home start-up business has turned into a crowd favorite and has now launched on amazon too, so anyone can enjoy those allergen-friendly, natural ingredient and recyclable packaged delectable treats.

Applewood Vegan Cheese

Now finding a good vegan cheese can be tricky, there a lot of tasting testing, melt testing, and texture testing involved in getting that perfect real cheesy-like satisfactory substitute. Applewood has finally managed to make it one of the best because it has a good cheese-like texture and taste and it even has a cheesy smell, it melts perfectly and is the ideal topper for your grilled cheese sandwich or burger. This substitute has a perfect consistency, structure, and taste.

Linda McCartney

Vegan faux fish is the new hot item on everyone’s grocery list these days, we’ve had the burgers, the meats, and the chicken in all their glorious forms but fish is relatively new. Newly launched in the Linda McCartney range (best known for the best vegan sausages) are Fish Goujons, Scampi Bites, and Fishcakes. They have that fishy smell, texture and taste and to be honest you wouldn’t know the difference between a regular fish finger and one of them Goujons. So if you’re craving a naughty fish and chips, there’s now an option for you too.

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