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New Vegan Idea of Techno-Style That Will Change the Future Using Algae

Vegan Idea of Techno-Style clothes

Fashion spreads all over the world . And it also has a direct impact on climate change on the planet. In the U.S., huge amounts of unwanted clothing are recycled and burned every day. This all increases carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

But it’s not all bad, because today there is an idea in Israel to produce bio-clothing made from algae, which will be non-toxic to the environment and can easily decompose over time.

The startup plans to use plants to create a product for everyday use without harming the climate.

A Bio-Approach

Algae of different species have long been used in industries such as: food, pharmaceutical and even the biofuel industry. Algae is definitely an environmentally friendly material.

bio vegan clothes from algae

Activists in Israel now see the possibility of using algae in the textile industry.

The algae are planned to be supplied by Algatech, which grows them without fertilizers, but in special solar farms.

Algae Is on the Cusp of Popularity

Other areas are also picking up the wave of algae’s popularity.

For example a famous company producing men’s clothing Vollebak released a biodegradable shirt made of eucalyptus, beech pulp and algae, which decomposes in 3 weeks. The idea from AlgiKnit is developing wool yarn from seaweed.

Algae Is on the Cusp of Popularity clothes

While consumer behavior isn’t changing as quickly because of the pandemic, the field of conscious consumption fashion needs to scale and grow.

The hope here is for Algaeing to improve the climate situation. After all, it will create a new generation and a new product category.

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