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New York’s Senate Has Banned Dog, Cat and Rabbit Trading

cruel treatment of animals

We are used to buying our pets in pet stores. But we don’t think about the conditions in which those puppies, kittens, and rabbits were born and raised.

Usually, pet shops are supplied by breeding factories where numerous animals are kept in unsanitary and horrific conditions just to bring the offspring. Such breeding has nothing to do with safe and rationalized animal keeping because these people only think about profits and how many puppies or kittens could be bred to be sold to pet stores.

Why Did New York’s Senate Ban Dog, Cat, and Rabbit Trading in Pet Shops?

animal trading

Pet stores know about this situation and try to present their pets in the most appealing and pleasant way. But it is necessary to remember that the sponsoring of pet shops would only worsen the situation and stimulate the growth of breeding factories.

That’s why New York’s Senate has banned dog, cat, and rabbit trading in pet shops. Instead of buying a pet in a shop, people should go to animal shelters and choose an already born and ready to be adopted pet, says the member of the New York Senate – Mike Gianaris.

From now on, dog, cat, and rabbit trading will be banned in New York state. According to authorities, there’s no need to sponsor vicious and immoral breeding factories if there’re many healthy, purebred, and waiting to be adopted animals.

Those animals need home and animal shelters are full of stray animals such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. Dogs, cats, and rabbits are very emotional, emphatic, and impressionable and breeding factories leave a lasting impression on them, traumatizing their mentality and character.

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