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The Diet Behind The French Open Champion Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic plant-based lifestyle

Just last Sunday world-renowned tennis player Novak Djokovic took the trophy and claimed his 19th victory as the Grand Slam Titleholder. While the healthy and fit 34 year has some mad tennis skills up his sleeve, something a little more obvious is what happens behind the scenes. This incredible athlete is non-other than a fellow veggie, a great example of what a plant-based diet and lifestyle can stand for.

Djokovic chooses not to use the title “vegan” due to the many labels associated with it and instead has stated that being plant-based is more than just a diet and is actually a way of life for the famous tennis star.

Djokovic has shared that not only does he follow a plant-based lifestyle for dietary, health, and fitness reasons but also majorly for the ethical sense behind the choice, with both the cruelty of animals and the environmental impact of eating meat behind him.

He is just another example of the misleading representation that veganism and athleticism don’t go hand in hand and another inspiration to many of the upcoming generation showing just how many benefits a plant-based lifestyle can really have.

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