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Nutrition Significantly Affects the Outside World and New Research onVeganism Proves It

Daily Diets Reduce

It’s no secret that diets high in plant-based foods and low in animal meat and sugary foods produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. A new scientific study on how food affects the world’s climate confirms this.

It is known that meat accounts for more than a quarter of emissions. In addition, all dairy products account for 14 percent of emissions and sugary foods of all kinds account for eight percent.

Plant-based Diets Conquer the World

When comparing eating styles, researchers found that people who eat meat produce nearly two-thirds more emissions than vegetarians.

Scientists are calling for stricter policies in support of plant-based diets.

The environmental impact of veganism

A plant-based diet affects more than just emissions. As researchers now point out, your food choices affect air and water quality, soil health, and biodiversity, all within the framework of the global climate situation.

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock production is globally responsible for 14.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Other sources argue that the figure is much higher-even 87%, as many argue that the figures do not include the effect of land clearing for farming.

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