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One Fifth of the Brits Had Cut Down on Meat during the Quarantine according to Survey

cut down on meat

A survey was taken by The Vegan Society to find out how eating habits have changed during the quarantine period. This research found out that millions of people had cut down on meat during the lockdown.

The numbers are indicative but it is clear that nearly a fifth of the Brits reduced the meat consumption while the sixth of them have lowered their egg and dairy intake. It is not sure what exactly has served as a motive for such changing but a survey has sorted the things out.

Interviewees divided themselves into two camps. Half of the interviewees have changed their eating habits due to the shortage of a variety of products. People began to stockpile when the pandemic started which have led to a deficit of products at some distribution points.

Such shortage caused the reduced consumption of animal products. Canned food, grains, pasta, and other similar products became the basis of most people’s ration.

Another half of the interviewees have told that they have changed meat, dairy, and egg intake because of their concerns about the state of the environment.

Meat, dairy, and egg industries viciously harm animals, the environment, and our planet. Air and land pollution, deforestation, irrational use of natural resources and disease spreading are only a few consequences of their functioning.

A smaller part of the interviewees has found meat and other animal products too expensive for them and now they’re looking for any cheaper alternatives. Vegan substitutes could be a great option for those who can’t afford meat.

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