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One of Colorado’s Slaughterhouses Was Reopened without Testing Thousands of Its Low-Wage Workers for COVID-19


Slaughterhouses are hiring thousands of low-wage workers without registrations or citizenship. These people are facing a lot of struggles apart from job specifics and management’s negligence.

The state of Colorado has forced the JBS which is the world’s leader in meat production to test its workers for COVID-19. The JBS’s farm in Greeley, Colorado was closed for a few weeks in April due to the coronavirus pandemic after a significant part of its workers were tested positive for COVID-19.

Only high-wage workers, company supervisors, and managers were tested for COVID-19 and all frontline workers were left without any medical assistance. Some of them have shown proactivity and were tested in their neighborhood medical centers.

Official numbers of testing have shown that nearly half of managers were infected with COVID-19. But the farm was reopened in a short time leaving nearly six thousand low-wage workers untested.

The Meat Industry

Such an attitude is very dangerous both for workers and managers. The coronavirus pandemic is spreading extremely fast and all frontline workers are in danger. Donald Trump signed a decree which gives legislative protection for meat industry farms and companies during the pandemic.

The meat industry is essential for the USA society because beef is one of the most widespread products so the closure of animal farms will be suspended. But the reopening of a beef plantation in Greeley, Colorado is something that shouldn’t have happened.

The meat industry will face a lot of financial losses which will reach tens of billions of dollars by the end of the pandemic. Animal farms and meatpacking facilities bring real danger to the entire world. The meat industry is one of the most dangerous for humans due to the high rates of injuries and illnesses.

Low-wage workers spend their working hours in unsanitary conditions facing inadequate health care and harmful biological agents and microorganisms. Cattle spread numerous diseases as well as its living conditions are a minefield of bacteria.

Meat industry workers live in cohesive communities and the spreading of coronavirus disease cannot be controlled and seized in such conditions.

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