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Our Mental Health Suffers Because of Air-Pollution


It’s a strange concept to try and understand but how the environment affects our mental health has become more and more real and in some situations has caused severe health issues. The air is the only thing we have to breathe, it’s what we take into our body on every inhale, and when that air is polluted and full of toxins that are actually harmful to our bodies indirectly we cause problems without even knowing. There have been many cases of depression suicide linked to air pollution and this is something we need to address and change now as the people affected by the state of their own environment are increasing at a rapid rate.

Environment Pollution Impact Factor

So how does the pollution of the air actually affect our mental health? Since the beginning of industrialization, air pollution has become a very evident issue, as we build urban settlements, factories, and roads on scales larger than ourselves CO2 emissions have skyrocketed, released into the air and contaminating the air we breathe with toxic chemicals. While this may seem like nothing at the time it is something that is harmful over long periods of time. Physical sufferings of air pollution have been recognized throughout history but the mental impact is something that is newly discovered.

Schizophrenia and Environmental Factors

Yes, believe it or not this is true, there have been many reported cases and studies on the environmental causes of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disease that is inherited and becomes real when triggered, this can come from high-stress situations or even trauma but exposure to toxic air for long periods is to a triggering factor for mental degradation. This is a particular problem during teenage years as the body is going through hormonal changes and as studies have shown these changes are sped up and or changed due to the exposure of polluted air, burning of fossil fuels along with the release of drugs in the air in major cities the full development of the brain is hindered causing many mental disorders and even triggering severe disorders like schizophrenia.

Traffic Air Pollution and Physical Activity

During physical activity, we breathe in larger amounts of air as our cardiovascular system works extremely hard to maintain enough oxygen to source all our muscles and for this, we really need clean air. Many people already suffer from minor respiratory problems such as asthma and the increasing pollution of our air has only seen a rise in these sufferings. The problem with this is that we actually need physical activity to stimulate our bodies and keep them healthy and mobile but when faced with the decisions to overexpose yourself to toxins through excessive breathing during exercise, is it really that good for you? While is small doses it may be ok for long periods of exposure to the heart and lung can be affected especially if there are underlying conditions.

Mental Health Effects of Wildfires

how environment affects mental health

Wildfires are traumatic natural disasters as they often bring a lot of havoc, destruction, and panic along with the fire itself. People who have been in the midst of a severe wildfire have often shown signs of physical and mental issues as a result. Physically the smoke released from wildfires as while the ash is highly toxic for humans to breathe in can cause serious damage and even death. Exposure to these toxins can also affect your mental health by not allowing enough oxygen flow to the brain. Victims who have been directly affected by the fire itself such as loss of homes or family members suffer even greater risks as the trauma associated with the wildfire can cause depressions, anxiety, and PTSD which is most common and very hard to treat.

As you can see air pollution is in turn mental pollution and physical pollution as it is not only harmful to the air we breathe and the environment we live in but also our bodies and minds.

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