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Perfect Day Uses New Technology for High-Quality, Plant-Based Dairy Products

coolhaus dairy free ice cream

A well-known ice cream company is switching from conventional dairy products to using products obtained by precise fermentation, not of animal origin. This is a collaboration between the company’s founders and Perfect Day.

The company has long used cow genes in its technology to recreate similar casein and whey.

Since then, Perfect Day can be spotted in Coolhaus desserts.

The partnership is for a common important goal and to create a sustainable business.

Perfect Day and the New Ice Cream Brand

Part of the alternative protein industry is expected to grow because as we know during the pandemic, revenues totaled more than $1 billion.

The Urgent Company from Perfect Day announced the acquisition of Coolhaus.

As part of the deal, the two companies will combine resources, structure, and social impact.

This also includes completely replacing cow’s milk with vegan milk because it produces 980 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.

Plant-based Ice Cream

This is a new twist on the gastronomic world and a long-term prospect. Integrating technology from Perfect Day brings something perfect to the lineup of dairy ice cream favorites. It elevates the product into the next generation of products that benefit families and the entire planet.

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