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Pick the Right Watermelon

how to choose the watermelon

So, you just got from the store, a bit sweaty from carrying what you think is going to be the perfect juicy watermelon. Ready to slice it up, and about to enjoy your refreshing watermelon, but realizing it tastes nothing? We all know the disappointment. To make sure this won’t happen again, you will in this article find some useful tips on what to look for to pick the right watermelon in the store or market.

  • Look for a shell that isn’t bruised or has any brown spots. If the shell has some kind of marks the flesh of the watermelon might as well.
  • The shell might show a ”spider web-looking” pattern. This means the flesh of the watermelon can taste sweeter.
  • The yellow spots are good! The yellow spot shows how the watermelon has been lying when it grew. The more yellow spot, the riper, and the better taste.
  • If you can see the stalk of the melon you want to look for one that is a bit dry and browner. This is also a sign that the melon is ripe and ready to be eaten.
  • The form of the watermelon can actually be important. It’s common that the rounder melons are sweeter, and the ones that are more ablong can be more watery and miss some taste.
  • Grab the watermelon to feel the weight of it. It should feel heavy. If it’s lighter than you thought, it might be dry. You can also slam it to see if it gives a hollow sound. This means there’s a lot of water in the melon. Juicy and ready to be sliced up!

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy this refreshing fruit. Not only because it’s delicious but it also contains a lot of antioxidants and minerals.

One of the antioxidants that you can find in watermelons is ”lycopene”. This is where the beautiful pink/red colour comes from. Lycopene is one of the building blocks that helps the body to build protection for the skin. This protection is important as it can help reduce the damage of the skin while being exposed to the sun for example.

Delicious Minty Watermelon Slush

Other than slicing up the melon, you can do a lot of fun recipes with it. Have it in salads, make popsicles, and even put it on the grill! Another really refreshing recipe perfect for hot days is making a slush. This sweet minty recipe will not only be a cooling drink but also helping protect the skin while enjoying long days at the beach.

You will need:

  • About half of a watermelon, depending on the size.
  • 0,5 dl of elderflower concentrate. (Any kind of juice works)
  • 1, 5 dl sparkling water
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Sugar for taste
  • Ice Mint leaves

Mix everything but the mint leaves in a blender. Add some sugar along the way depending on how sweet you want it. Garnish with some mint leaves and enjoy your delicious slush while now being an expert on how to find the perfect watermelon.

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