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$100 Million and Entry into New Markets: Plant-Based Meat from JBS Now Available

JBS cultered meat

JBS, one of the world’s largest meat processors, has invested $100 million in a new and innovative idea – cultured meat.

As you know, JBS already processes beef, chicken, pork and by-products. As financial reports confirm, it’s no secret that the company with a 68-year history generates about $50 billion in revenue annually.

A Quality Substitute for Meat

Today, society is favorably disposed to the trend of reducing the consumption of animal products and switching to alternative products.

Cultured meat from the company has a guarantee of quality and purity.

Such products are made by culturing animal cells in vitro. The result is meat that is very similar to the original, but without harming or killing the animal itself.

Another plus, cultured meat also requires far fewer resources than conventional production. It doesn’t require land, a lot of water, or animal feed.

JBS and Development

The industry is fairly new, but the movement toward veganism is gaining momentum around the world.

JBS is keeping up with progress, so it bought Spanish cultured meat company BioTech Foods. This is the food giant’s debut entry into the market.

The company also has plans to commit $41 million to build a plant in Spain to expand production. The company also wants to set up its first BioTech and Cultured Protein Research and Development Center in Brazil.

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