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Popular Fashion Brands Have Partnered with Ecovative, That Produces Vegan Leather

Popular Fashion Brands

The parent company of fashion brands Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger is joining the iconic movement for vegan, plastic-free leather. To do so, they have partnered with biotech company Ecovative. The collaboration provides access to eco-friendly vegan leather made from fast-growing mycelium (the root system of fungi). Working with Ecovative to co-develop custom mycelium materials aims to bring a range of products to market, from accessories and clothing made from soft vegan leather to thick, durable belts.

For more than a decade, Ecovative has been making Mycelium for partners across North America, Europe and Asia. Earlier this year, the company launched Ecovative’s first second-generation mycelial-based vegan leather to help address sustainability issues in the fashion industry. The 100% bio-based material is grown in sheets up to 78 feet 6 feet long and can be grown to fit partners’ specific needs in terms of tensile strength, density and fiber orientation.

Vegan Mycelium Skin Takes Over

plastic-free leather

Ecovative is part of a burgeoning industry of material producers who use mushrooms instead of animal skins to make leather, and they are attracting major fashion brands.

In addition to PVH, Ecovative is partnering with BESTSELLER, which owns 20 brands such as ONLY, JACK & JONES and VERO MODA, which is also going to explore the possibilities of its vegan mushroom leather.

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