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Potato and Carrots Nutritional Benefits

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Potato and carrots are highly-accustomed products that we consume and use almost every day. Potato and carrots were an integral part of our diets throughout the centuries and they’re present in many dishes and are a part of many recipes.

These products are used by housemaids on daily basis during home-cooked food preparation. Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, garnishes, sauces, goulash, and French fries are made of different potato sorts.

Nutritional Benefits of Potato and Carrot

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Potatoes are widely used in fast-food cuisine, French fries and chips are served in dinners, cinemas, and restaurants regularly and dishes that include potatoes have high nutritional quality and health benefits as well as dishes that include carrot.

Carrots are present in so many meals, it is unnecessary to mention all of them. People fry, boil, stew, and bake carrots, often combining it with potatoes and other vegetables.

Nutritional benefits of potato and carrot are well known for a long time and these cheap, widespread and affordable products can benefit your health a lot if they will be cooked and served in the right way.

Cooks, housemaids, and those who cook from time to time perceive carrots as an ordinary product and not many of them know and understand how healthy and good carrots are both for children and grown-ups. It’s very important to know all the nutritional properties of the products which you eat every day because carrots have a lot of them.

Its Health Benefits Could Make a Carrot the First-Needed Product in Your Diet

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Carrots Are a Low-Calorie Product

It can be eaten boiled, steamed, baked, and fried without damaging its nutritional properties or reducing it. Carrots are recommended for people who want to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time.

Fiber Is Present in the Carrot


This vitally important microelement helps to stimulate and normalize the work of the digestive system and cleanse your intestines. Toxins, bad cholesterol, and sub-products of the human body could be removed by a big amount of fiber that you can gain from regular carrot intake. Detox is very important when it comes to modern ration which is abundant with unhealthy and undesirable elements and compounds such as fats, sugars, bad proteins, and refined products.

Carrot Is a Treasure Chest of Vitamins and Minerals

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Long-term intake of carrot can develop and strengthen your immune system and make your organism effectively-resistant to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Vast amounts of polyacetylenes fight and suppress all newly-developed cancer and toxic cells.

This is very useful even for healthy people. The modern world threatens us with big numbers of carcinogens, from cars’ exhaust gases to cigarettes and processed or semi-finished products. Polyacetylenes, combined with beta-carotene which is present in carrots, can neutralize them or prevent cancer development.

Vitamin A

Healthy hair, good and smooth skin, and healthy nail growth and condition are possible if you will receive the right amounts of the A vitamin. Also, carrots include big numbers of phosphorus, folate and magnesium.

Potatoes Nutritional Properties

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Potatoes have much similar to carrots’ nutritional properties but they have a few significant differences. Potatoes are starchy vegetables which means that they’re highly-nourishing and nutritious.

Potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, an important nutrient that protects our organisms from free radicals and helps to protect themselves from toxic and carcinogenic cells.

Anthocyanins, which are present in potatoes, prevent premature aging and can reduce inflammation. C vitamin, potassium, copper, and fiber benefit our health a lot. In general, potatoes and carrots could serve as a great and healthy dietary base.

A varied and well-balanced diet is the best way to experience the maximum health effect of these incredible plant products. Of course, you can’t expect to be healthy and nourished by eating only carrots or only potatoes day by day. Those vegetables should be combined and cooked regularly. They can complement each other, letting you feel all their health benefits.

How to Cook Potatoes

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While carrots could and should be eaten raw, potatoes are most nutritious while being baked or steamed because their most healthy nutritious element – anthocyanin shows its advantages only after high-temperature treatment.

Potatoes are often perceived as a bad and unhealthy product, mostly because of the way they’re treated by modern cuisine. Fast-food dinners and cinemas offer us potato chips and French fries which are obviously bad for our health due to the presence of food additives, trans-fats, bad calories, sugar, and salt.

Of course, those products are tasty and highly-appetizing but that doesn’t mean that you should eat them only because they are made of potatoes. Potatoes and carrots can serve as a basis for healthy and nutritious meals. Nutritionists recommend potatoes as a healthy and useful product for sportsmen, obese people, and people who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There’re not so many carbs in cooked carrots, as well as cooked potatoes are fully suitable for physically-active and healthy people. Sugar content and the number of vitamins in carrots make it a desirable and necessary-to-have product. Sweet potatoes and carrots are super-foods but extremely cheap and affordable for everyone. The secret is to cook it in the right way, preserving all nutritional benefits and vitamins.

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