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Pro Tips on Protein

protein in vegan diet

One common assumption about eating vegan is that it would be lacking protein. More and more people have got into choosing more vegan options, but there are still a lot of talks regarding that the vegan diet does not provide enough protein. Vegan food is full of protein and being new to eating only vegan or more vegan food is just about knowing how to implement other resources rich in protein other than animal products.

Protein is built on amino acids. There are about 20 different amino acids that the body needs to survive. 9 of them we have to get through food, and are called «essential amino acids». Meat, eggs, and dairy are known for containing all of these amino acids, but we can still find all of them in only vegan food. For example, quinoa and tofu/soybeans contain all of the essential amino acids and are great options for someone eating vegan. It will not only provide you with protein but also carbohydrates and fats which we’re also in need of.

Where Can You Find Proteins

You can find protein in almost any food, but not every food contains all of the essential amino acids.

That is why we need to eat a variety of food, which we normally would on a daily basis. Protein is like a house, and it needs all of its workers to be able to get all the parts in place. So for example, beans have some of the building blocks needed for the house but the beans need their friends such as pasta, peanuts, or rice to make the house complete. So, in order to get all the necesary elements for our body, we need to eat different products, understanding the best mix.

Combining legumes with grains, corn, pasta or bread makes great team players that work together to build the house.

Below you will find a great recipe that you can try out, which is a very friendly meal. Not only is it kind to the environment, but also gives you a great boost of vegan protein sources combined with carbohydrates and fats, since we need all of it! Also, don´t forget the vegan cheese on top, it makes this dish extra creamy and tasty.

«Burrito Inspired Bowl»

The base ingredients: Rice, black beans/Kidney beans, paprika, garlic, rapeseed oil/olive oil, taco spice mix, vegan cheese.

How to cook

  • Start by cooking the rice.
  • Strain the beans.
  • Rinse and cut the paprika and the onion.
  • Fry beans, paprika, and onion in a pan with the spice mix for about 2 min.
  • Add some cheese on top and put the pan in the oven to let it gratinate for 10 min.


The base ingredients: Corn, tomatoes, cucumber, scallion, avocado, lime, tortilla chips, lime.

  • Strain the corn. Rinse the tomatoes and cucumber into small pieces. Cut the scallion and avocado.
  • Take out the cheesy beans from the oven.
  • Put as much rice as you like in a bowl, and place the fresh vegetables too. Top it with the beans, avocado and add some tortilla chips. Squeeze some lime over your bowl and serve with some salsa or pico de gallo if you like. If you are in a mood for a good ”guac”, this is a great touch instead of just slicing the avocado. Enjoy!

A vegan diet is rich, nourishing, consists of all necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other elements. The main rule is different fruits and vegetables, correct combination, and amount.

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