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Queen Elizabeth II Was Congratulated with a Vegan Meal on Her 94th Birthday

vegan meal

Queen Elizabeth II received an unusual gift on her 94th birthday from PETA. The gift included a pie with plant-based meat and «Fray Bentos» beans.

It is not the first time that Queen Elizabeth II tasted this dish. She was treated with the same pie during one of her flights. Her pilot had shared this story recently which became a reason for such an original treat.

PETA had noticed that wet animal markets and the unsustainability of the meat industry could be the most possible reason for the current coronavirus pandemic. Farm animals spread numerous diseases due to the unsanitary conditions and house-to-house sicknesses.

Avian flu, swine influenza, mad cow disease, and other epidemic illnesses are breeding and flourishing in animal farms where hundreds of thousands of animals are kept together for years without proper vet assistance and extreme stress conditions.

Consumption of animal products has reached an unprecedented scale and this trend continues to grow. Queen Elizabeth II’s gift is an attempt to raise public attention to animal farming and the wet animal markets industry.

Vegan «Fray Bentos» pie is a perfect treat according to PETA’s Corporate Projects Director. This meal doesn’t include any animal products and is safe for the environment as well as for the person who eats it.

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